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Dongle programming interface

I’ve been receiving a number of questions about the programming interface for the FCD. Although the quadrature I/Q stream is over a standard USB stereo soundcard interface, in order to change the centre frequency there is an additional programming interface that uses … Continue reading

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Gain distribution tests

Today I fixed the problem I was having with the new batch using the new PCB spin hanging. It turned out to be a construction error by yours truly, with a transposed decoupling capacitor and pullup resistor on all three … Continue reading

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Production PCB spin test

Today I built three boards using parts from the production batch with the second, and hopefully final, spin. All worked first time, and sensitivity was as expected with the LNA now integrated, although I have noticed that this batch seem … Continue reading

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Boards and parts arrived!

The second spin of the PCB has arrived

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New board committed and parts ordered for first batch!

Last night at 4am I committed what I hope will be the last spin of the PCB before production, should arrive this weekend! I’ve also ordered a full reeled set of parts for at least 100 units.

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SpectraVue & FUNcube Dongle screenshot

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Techno FAQ!

Q. What is the frequency range? A. 64-1,700MHz, although straw poll tests on pre-production units indicate that units can be stretched down to 51.5MHz or so. The upper frequency limit is beyon 2,000MHz

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The first FUNcube Dongle mini-production line

While we’re in pre-production, we’re busy ensuring that we’ve characterised the FUNcube Dongle. Here are some pictures

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What is the FUNcube Dongle?

The FUNcube Dongle concept was originally dreamt up as a way to open up the world of amateur satellite reception to all, so that for a small cost anyone can try their hand at receiving the FUNcube Satellite that’s due for … Continue reading

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Welcome to the FUNcube Dongle blog

News on the FUNcube Dongle is here!

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