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Building FUNcube Dongles – video

Not very exciting, but it gives you a taster of the tedium of building these! That’s 10,000 manually placed parts in total, almost all under the microscope. As you can see it’s rather time consuming – it takes a full … Continue reading

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Interim firmware release v18c

Now available over in the Downloads area! This has the following changes: o Set sensible gain and filter defaults at plug in time (does the same as the “Defaults” button). o Initialises the tuner and codec _after_ USB enumeration to … Continue reading

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New batch available Sunday 2 January 2011 20:00UTC

Folks I’ll have a new batch available on Sunday 2 January 2011. Check out here for more details. Many thanks, Howard

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What to expect from your FCD

I’ve had some questions about the FCD and spikes on the passband. Out of the box, like all zero IF direct conversion analogue mixer SDRs, incuding the FCD and the Softrock, there are two tweaks that immediately come to mind. … Continue reading

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FCD Pro ordering begins 19 Dec 2010 12:00UTC

Folks, The units we’ve built so far for the first production batch are working perfectly, and also we’re now consistently hitting 100% yield without any defect rework – very satisfying! As we’re having to hand make this first batch, and … Continue reading

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Production line

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FUNcube Dongle controller progress

Some examples so far… Windows XP, Vista, 7, Ubuntu 10.10, Mac OS X 10.6… In the end it was Qt that won the day for the cross platform development.

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Astronaut Richard Garriott W5KWQ with a FUNcube dongle

Every astronaut should have one. Nice Blue Peter badge there, Richard. Amsat UK representatives were privileged to spend this evening at a unique event with three Britsh born astronauts Helen Sharman, Piers Sellers and Richard Garriott as well as Colin … Continue reading

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