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Information on 20 Feb 2011 Sale

Folks A total of 144 units were sold and have been shipped today (Tuesday 22 Feb). On Sunday at 22:00:00 I updated the inventory to 130 and Paypal had oversold to a total of 136 by 22:01:22. I placed another … Continue reading

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Next Sale: Sunday 20 February 2011 22:00UTC

Folks The next sale will be on Sunday 20 February 2011 at 22:00 UTC. Sorry folks, we have sold out again. I’ll let you know the next sale date very soon, should be in the next couple of weeks. Please … Continue reading

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Updated FUNcube Dongle demographics

Folks Here is the latest FCD distribution. Howard

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Shipped firmware version

Folks Production FCDs thus far have all been shipped with firmware release 18b. This has been through months of proving both before and after production release. This firmware has been in existence since October 2010, and there have been four … Continue reading

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FCD Block Diagram

Folks There was a recent question about a block diagram for the FCD, and I must admit I thought there was one here already on the site but I can’t find it – there was certainly one over on … Continue reading

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Updated FCD guides

Folks I am indebted to David Barber’s work on providing a number of guides for the FCD on the downloads page. Today we’ve placed some updated WRplus documents there. Thanks again to David! Howard

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Example of close in phase noise

Folks I had a question recently about the close-in phase noise around the zero IF, where many FCD and Softrock users will see a peak in the middle of passband. Although you can correct for DC offset, phase noise is … Continue reading

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2m front end filter

Folks, (*** see updates here and here) As you are aware one of the key features of the FCD is its wide frequency range of operation. While this is great, the compromise with wide band receivers are that they can … Continue reading

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Delivery information for 4 Feb 2011 batch

Folks While producing the posting labels on Saturday we discovered that Paypal has now removed their Airsure option, so we have used their International Signed For for all non UK deliveries. The alternative was to manually cut and paste each … Continue reading

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Update on Friday 4 Feb’s sales

Folks. I placed 120 units in the Paypal inventory for the 10pm sale, although Paypal oversold again so a total of 135 units were sold, although one was cancelled, so it’s 134 really. The oversold inventory expired at 22:00:49. We … Continue reading

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