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Short vacation, back 4 December

Folks We’re taking a short break over the weekend, we’ll be back next Tuesday, so any orders we receive won’t be dispatched until we return. Many thanks, Howard

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FCD+ firmware update 20.03

Folks I have a firmware update and docuemntation for your FCD over in the downloads section. This applies to units before about serial number 10250 where there were some frequencies inadvertently blocked in the firmware. In addition, I’ve updated the … Continue reading

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FUNcube-1 fresh from vibration testing

Folks This week, the FUNcube-1 satellite flight model made the trip from the Netherlands to Paris for its vibration testing, and it’s already back in the Netherlands. So this afternoon we donned our hairnets, lab coats, shoe protection and latex gloves, took … Continue reading

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We do satellites too

Folks While waiting for the next batch of FCD+’s from the board assembler, I’ve been in Holland this week testing an engineering model of the FUNcube satellite, which is what the FUNcube Dongle was originally designed for.   Many thanks, … Continue reading

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Update on the new FUNcube Dongle Pro+

Folks A quick update for you. As you may remember, (see we were short of a couple of parts, and they were supplied to the board assembler on Monday this week for them to restart board assembly. I am hoping … Continue reading

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