News from the procurement department


I have had some good news regarding the two parts we are a little short on to fully complete our current production run. The remaining tuner chips are scheduled to be shipping in the next ten days, and the remaining SAW filters by the end of the month.

Many thanks, Howard

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13 Responses to News from the procurement department

  1. Jim says:

    Will there be enough on the current production run to satisfy the current waiting list? think I am number 1200 or something similar, am thinking it will be close to Christmas before those lower down will have the chance to purchase!

    • admin says:

      Hello Jim.

      Right now we have enough units on order to satisfy current demand, but it may take a few weeks to complete all outstanding orders due to the sheer volume at this early stage in the production cycle. It is certainly my aim to be able to deliver the current outstanding quantity well before Christmas, and assuming there are no surprises out there, that should be achievable.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Jim says:

    Thanks, Howard – appreciated.

  3. Paul Murray says:

    Hi Howard. I clicked the link that you have for showing interest of buying one of the dongles, but i don’t know how far down the list i am. I see someone here says they are 1200 on the list. I don’t know if i am on the list or not as i never got an email confirmation. Can you tell me if i am on the list or not please, and if i’m not on list could you add me to it please.

    Thanks. Paul

    • admin says:

      Hello Paul

      Yip, I have you in twice! The eCommerce software is not at all good at sending a positive acknowledgement: I thought it did do, but pretty soon after I’d set it up it seemed clear that it’s not too smart in that department. There’s a note about that “feature” here.

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. Daniel says:

    I hate to do a “me too” but I was wondering if I was on the list (I did sign up). I’d hate to miss out on the first round. I was hoping to have this to keep me occupied during the winter months while the goats were dried up for the season! 🙂

  5. Ken eaton says:

    Hi Howard,
    Apologies for the bother – I appreciate that you are really very busy to say the least.
    I had notification by email of availablity for purchase ( I was also allocated a number
    during for my show of interest during the colloquium )
    Trying to make a purchase following the procedures having also registered as a customer and being accepted.
    I have filled out my details on the order page and came across the boxes asking for
    zip code and state. I initially left them open as we do not use them in the UK and moved to the “Check Out ” page.
    It would not allow me to progress beyond this stating that the boxes or a shipping address was needed – The shipping address however was shown in the boxes as
    being the same as my purchaser address.
    I rolled back to the order page and tried several options for the boxes requiring state and zip code ( e.g Wales and postcode )
    Regret still unable to progress and place the order beyond the check out page.
    Thanking you for you time.
    Ken Eaton

    • admin says:

      Hello Ken

      Can you please send my some print screens to g6lvb at amsat dot org?

      Also canyou confirm your OS and browser with versions please?

      Many thanks, Howard

  6. Peter G4URT says:

    Hi Howard – dongle arrived less than 36 hours after being ordered – many thanks. Now to start to have a play with it! Cheers, Peter

  7. L33 Tru3 says:

    Hey Howard, I put my name on the waiting list for the FCD Pro a few weeks ago.. I received an email from you but I was wondering where abouts I am on that list…?

    “Dear L33 Tru3
    Thank you very much for your interest in the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ that you made on 05 October 2012”

    Kind regards


    • admin says:

      Hello L33.

      The data is buried deep in the ecommerce system I’m afraid, so to get this information is quite time consuming and I am sure once I do it for one person, everyone’s going to want to know their position!

      What I can tell you is that the FCDs are released strictly in the order in which payment is received after the invitation to purchase is sent.

      Many thanks, Howard