FUNcube Dongle Pro+ now shipping


On Thursday 18th October we invited those who were first in the waiting list to purchase the new FUNcube Dongle Pro+, and on Friday an additional batch was made available and more were invited to make their purchase. I hold each order for a week before releasing the stock to other purchasers.

It’ll take a few weeks to make our way through the backlog, so please be patient!

I have also added new documentation and downloads for the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ here.

Please note that you can order directly through the website here or with other retailers such as Martin Lynch. It will help us a great deal if orders are placed with only one outlet, as we use the forward orders to anticipate future demand and place bulk orders appropriately.

Many thanks, Howard

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13 Responses to FUNcube Dongle Pro+ now shipping

  1. filhol says:

    When can expect to receive these two product ? because we are eager to test this wonder.

    • admin says:

      Hello Filhol

      The current rate of distribution is 50 units per day. Pretty much as soon as the boards arrive from the manufacturer, I test them, put them into enclosures, test them again, put labels on, put them in their box, and dispatch. 50 per day is about as many as we can do without affecting quality. Zero defect is our aim!

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Raphael says:

    Hi Howard,
    I was just wondering when i can (roughly) expect my dongle to be shipped. I signed up to your list a week ago and i have no clue on which position i might be.
    Awesome projekt, keep up the great work!!
    Thanks a lot, Raphael

    • admin says:

      Hello Raphael

      We expect toe clear the current backlog within the next six weeks if all goes to plan. In the meantime, thank you for your patience.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. Thanks Howard, mine arrived this morning and spent the afternoon playing! seems to be working great with SDR#

  4. Dave says:

    Great but I am in the dark, can you let me know please if I am in the list for one, I have a feeling I have lost out. Email address I used is <********>

    • admin says:

      Hello Dave

      You should have received an email from me if you are on the list, I ran another email shot this evening. I have also checked your email, and you are in there.

      Many thanks, Howard

  5. Dave says:

    Thanks Howard for letting mew know I am in the list that’s good to know, though to date I have not received any email from you and I did check my spam folder also

    Anyway as I am ready to buy when my ‘turn’ comes . This is all quite exciting !

    Don’t work to hard, it’s amazing what you and the team have achieved

    • admin says:

      Hello Dave.

      It was sent on 20 October 2012 at 22:40 BST. Would you mind checking again? This is the method I’ll be using to inform you of availability.

      Many thanks, Howard

  6. Leslie L Roblin says:

    Ordered the Pro+ through Martin Lynch & Sons on 19 September. What sort of distribution did they get of the new units?

    • admin says:

      Hello Leslie

      The distribution is shared according to the number of outstanding orders we have.

      Many thanks, Howard

  7. Eddy pe9ghz says:

    Mine just arrived around noon. I placed the order on monday night a few hours after I received the mail from Howard that my unit was ready. Amazing speed !

    Big thanks for all your hard work!

    regards, Eddy