Short vacation, back 4 December


We’re taking a short break over the weekend, we’ll be back next Tuesday, so any orders we receive won’t be dispatched until we return.

Many thanks, Howard

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8 Responses to Short vacation, back 4 December

  1. Marco Boccalari says:

    Dear Howard, wishing You a very nice long weekend I would like to know what is situation regarding availability of FCD+.
    I put my name on Your waiting list several days ago.
    I am anxious to get my FCD+ and I would like to order 2 pieces at same time.
    Please be so kind to give me an idea of when You could send me e-mail to confirm I can proceed with my payment.
    Warm greetings from Italy!
    Marco Boccalari/Bergamo

    • admin says:

      Hello Marco

      Yes, I have your details form 11 November. As soon as we reach you we’ll be sending you an email, hopefully within the next two weeks if my assembler delivers according to schedule.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Baron says:

    It’s an outrage! Get back in the kitchen Howard!

    Ok, you’ve deserved it. After all, the FCDpro+ is really rather good. :o)

  3. Malanow says:

    I signed up on the waiting list but have not received any confirmation. Is my request and my data was saved? Do you already know when FUNcube Dongle Pro+ will be available for purchase?

    • admin says:

      Hello Malanow

      Yes I have you registered on 7 November. We are working through the orders in the order in which we received your registration. We are dependent on the delivery schedule from my assemblers, but I would hopw in the next two weeks or so we will be in a position to send you an invitation to place a formal order.

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. Des Heard G6YEK says:

    Hi Howard
    Hope you got my pre order ok,