Vacation 1 Jan-13 Jan 2013


Firstly, seasons’ greetings to all of you!

I’ll be away from 1 January until 13 January 2013, so any orders I receive won’t be processed until I return. It is likely that the limited stock I have (as I write this, you can order here, with more information about ordering here) will expire either shortly before I go or a little after, when you can add yourself to the waiting list which I’ll go through on my return.

Alternatively, you can order from resellers, but as demand is currently outstripping supply, I would recommend that you specifically check with your reseller that they really do have stock ready to dispatch that day before ordering to avoid disappointment.

While I’m away the manufacturer is still operating, and I expect to have more stock available when I return, but it may take a few days to go through the waiting list.

My cutoff for deliveries before I depart is 31 December at 11:00 UTC.

Many thanks, Howard

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11 Responses to Vacation 1 Jan-13 Jan 2013

  1. Paul Murray says:

    Hello Howard. I have had my FCD pro + about a month now. I’m very pleased with it, no problems with it at all. I tried various SDR software but shall stick to the less complicated SDR Sharp. At the moment i am using a little moonraker antenna – MRM-150 MINISCAN MOBILE SCANNER ANTENNA
    Although this antenna is very small, approx 14 inches it has been recieving some 40 metre reception very good. Tonight i was picking up OE3XMA from Vienna crystal clear, not bad considering i’m near Inverness.
    I was thinking about getting myself a new base antenna for mounting on the wall outside. But as the property is not owned by myself, i have to be careful what i do. I was thinking that i could use the sky dish bracket already fixed to the wall as the sky dish is redundant, to save me some money and also save making a mess to the outside walls. The question i have is, would the satellite cable be suitable to use for connection to an antenna ? and would an antenna amplifier be ok to use with the FCD pro+ ? The cable runs the distance (18 metres) from my bedroom to where i want to put the antenna. And i don’t see the point in wasting the cable if its suitable for use also i don’t want to make a mess of the walls be drilling another hole.

    Hope you have good holiday.

    Paul Murray

    • admin says:

      Hello Paul

      Firstly I am sorry for the delay in responding, as well as vacation it’s been a bit busy around here since my return.

      I’m not sure what antenna you’re proposing, but for receive only, on HF in particular, the 75 ohm cable won’t be a noticeable problem.

      I agree regarding SDR Sharp: when I first tried it some time ago, I immediately loved the clean and simple user interface. The automatic I/Q and DC correction is the icing on the cake.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Allan Nelsson says:

    Hi Paul,

    You need to use a separate cable for your FUNcube dongle. One very good reason is that your satellite cable is carrying strong signals from your SAT LNB within the very same frequency range as your FUNcubes from 950 to 2150 MHz with approx. 50 dB’s signal gain in the LNB. In addition, your SAT cable is carrying a DC voltage to run the LNB. It makes it impossible to use the FUNcube unless the satellite receiver is switched completely off or disconnected. If you are using the FUNcube only for shortwave/VHF reception it might be possible but will require some very good filters in both ends to separate the signals. Furthermore the filters must be able to pass the DC voltage to your LNB.

    So – the easy, cheapest and safe solution is to use two cables!

    Have fun with your FUNcube (I just got mine a couple of days ago! 🙂

    Best regards
    Allan Nelsson / OZ5XN

  3. paul says:

    can it be built to receive the radio sonde band 400-406 NBFM, ? it looks very useful for testing radiosondes, and playing with their data, thanks, PAUL

    • admin says:

      Hi Paul

      We had a few units that worked in this area but some newer chips we’re currently using don’t quite cover down this far I’m afraid.

      Many thanks, Howard


    I am interested in purchasing a Funcube Dongle Pro+, please indicate what is the procedure for the acquisition via internet

    From Lima, Peru

    • admin says:

      Hi Jorge,

      Follow the menu at the top of the page “New FUNcube Dongle Pro+” and then “Ordering your FUNcube Dongle Pro+”.

      Many thanks, Howard

  5. Kevin Glacken says:

    Hello Howard
    I need some help. My funcube dongle that I bought from you has stopped receiving Wfm stereo broadcast. Also on some bands when its working its shown double Rx signals. Simple set up here . In door scanner magmount antenna and a Toshiba l755 lap top. Software is Sdr# and sdr console. None are rx wfm . My cheap rtl dongle is working fine. I hope you can help have been enjoying the new style of radio. Sn0011175.

    Thanks Kevin Glacken

  6. Steve CDN says:

    Hi Howard, thanks for the update. Sounds like a much-needed vacation, but we always pay for it on return don’t we.

    Frankly, I was amazed that I got my Funcube in mid-December when only joining the waiting list in Nov. Great job!!
    Haven’t done too much with it yet, waiting to do a better antenna, and remote tcp to it.

    Steve in VE6-land

    • admin says:

      Hello Steve.

      Very glad you’re enjoying it, if you ask some of the FUNcube team, I was pretty ecstatic about it when I got the pre-production unit going back in August.

      Many thanks, Howard