Inventory update


Firstly, thank you all for your patience if you’re on the waiting list. If you’re not already on it, head here for details on joining in!

The PCB assembler is about to restart operations now we have parts to get going. This means that we’ll have delivery of assembled PCBs in the next couple of days. Once we receive them, I only need 24 hours to run through the final assembly and testing and then they’re available for purchase.

So I would imagine, if all goes to plan, that by Tuesday 19 Feb we’ll be in a position to restart shipping for those of you on the waiting list, so keep an eye on your inbox for an invitation to purchase.

Once again, I thank you for your patience.

Many thanks, Howard

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19 Responses to Inventory update

  1. serge szpilfogel says:

    Does the FCDPP requires firmware updates like the FCDpro which i have??

    • admin says:

      Hello Serge

      The FCD+ is released with the latest firmware version, so you shouldn’t need to update it until we have a newer version, and there aren’t any planned in the near future.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Mike says:

    Hi Howard,
    Are there any planned PCB revisions?

    • admin says:

      Hello Mike

      Nope, looks like we got it right first time!

      Famous last words of course. In fact, there was one prototype-only revision before the production one, but I only ever built one of those. There is a very minor routing change I would make to an inner layer if we do decide at any point to create a new board, but right now it’s not necessary: it’s simply that the track in question takes the scenic route.


  3. Doug Hengst says:

    Howard…I put my name on your list 3 times in the last month…A friend of mine put his name on the list a couple of days before me and got his a week or two ago…Would you be kind enough to check and see if my name made it to the list……Thanks in advance….Doug WA3ZHG

    • admin says:

      Hello Doug

      I sent you an email on 7 February at 11:55Z.

      I’ll send you another one privately with a link for you to use.

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. Tomas says:

    If you have other customers in Sweden, think again if you are planning on using FedEx for delivery. That company really sucks. They should have delivered my FunCube on Thursday 21 Feb, but today Tuesday 26 Feb, they still have not managed to deliver it. FedEx keep telling me excuses why it has not been delivered, but frankly, I don’t care anymore. They don’t seem to know where it is now. It seems like £163.19 for the FunCube and postage goes down the drain.

    Use Royal Mail, DHL or anything else, but not FedEx.

    • admin says:

      Hello Tomas

      I am sorry that you are having difficulties with delivery. I know it’s little comfort for you, but when I used to use Royal Mail for international deliveries it was 100 times worse: I spent half my waking hours aimlessly chasing dongles around the planet.

      Personally speaking, if I am having difficulty with delivery I take a trip to the depot myself. I know it’s not perfect, but it seems to be the simplest way sometimes.

      It looks like they managed to deliver it on 27 February, can you confirm?

      In the meantime I apologise for the shipping problems that you had.

      Many thanks, Howard

  5. Yesie says:

    Hi Howard,
    Can I use my own DHL account for the international shipment, instead of using your FedEx? Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Yesie

      I don’t have that set up in the ecommerce software I’m afraid. I currently have a constant pickup time every day from FedEx so operations are organised around that time anyway.

      Many thanks, Howard

  6. Gez says:

    I received the FCDp+ here in Australia; it’s as good as I hoped and thank you. On the same theme of shipping, FedEx delivered two weeks after the package arrived in the country , in fact they could not locate the order for some time. No explanation was available .

    So next time I will want to bypass FedEx. Very good radio, anyway

    • admin says:

      Hello Gez

      Thank you for your note.

      Sorry about your FedEx experience: I know it’s not much compensation to you, but compared to the Royal Mail for international shipment’s it’s a breeze: I used to spend half my waking hours chasing dongles fruitlessly around the planet. At least there is full tracking end to end with FedEx.

      At least you like your radio!

      Many thanks, Howard

  7. Zilvis says:

    Hi there!
    Are there any new shipments planned?

    • admin says:

      Hello Zilvis

      Yes, we are continually receiving units from the board manufacturer. I recommend going to the ordering page here If it says we have stock when you order then I have units for immediate shipment. If not, you can add yourself to a waiting list, and I’ll email you when we have stock.

      Many thanks, Howard

  8. Andrew Maidens says:

    Hi Howard,
    I have been following all your updates on inventory and orders, etc and have a query about an order for a FCD Pro + placed through another company called Proviation. I ordered a FCD Pro + with them in the first week of January and as of today (March 20th) I still haven’t received anything. I have been constant contact with them but all I hear from them is that distributor is out of stock. I am assuming you are the said distributor and because of this and reading your postings here I was inclined to be patient and wait. As it will soon be 3 months since my order though my patience is wearing a little thin, as you can imagine! I just wanted to check, if possible, to see that you actually have an order from Proviation from me and when you will have enough stock to fulfill it. I have no problem if it is a week or two as long as I know! Customer service from Proviation is the worst I have ever received from any company in my life…not counting the fact they have already taken the money for the FCD Pro + without even shipping it! If you can help me out then it would be most appreciated.

    Best Regards,
    Andrew Maidens

    • admin says:

      Hello Andrew.

      It may sound a bit tortuous, but all retailers currently go via my distributor who then comes to me, so I have a single point of contact. It is true that we’ve been struggling to keep up with demand, in fact I am just about to start production on another 1,000 and I already have about 400 outstanding orders, I am sure including yours. Not only that, I’m already progressing procurement for parts for the shipment after that.

      The main problems are the long lead time on some of the parts, trying to guestimate demand, and having the bravado to forward-fund five figure sums for parts with delivery in three month’s time!

      So I’m sorry you’re encountering delays in delivery, we’re working flat out to keep up with demand. To give you some idea, the rate of sales of the FCD+ has so far been double that of the original FCD. Although the processes have inevitably improved since then, there’s no magic wand in the procurement and manufacturing process other than persistence and careful vendor management.

      Many thanks, Howard

  9. Gary says:

    So are these things available for purchase or do I still have to go on some ‘waiting list’?

    • admin says:

      Hello Gary

      The best way to find out is to try placing a dummy order: if it says it’s in stock, then I have stock for immediate shipping. If it’s showing “add to waiting list” then you’ll need to add yourself to the waiting list and I’ll send you an email when we have stock.

      Many thanks, Howard