FUNcube Dongle+ availability


For some reason there’s been a lot more demand over the past few weeks than anticipated, so much so that we’ve exhausted our stocks. Although we already scheduled well ahead to manufacture another batch, they are not due until 12 July.

If you would like to order, please add yourself to the waiting list here, I will send you an email response when your unit is ready.

I do also have a very few left that are in final test that I’ll release over the next few days.

Many thanks, Howard

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9 Responses to FUNcube Dongle+ availability

  1. Howard,

    FCD Pro+ serial # 0013222 appears to have died. May I send it in for a check/fix?


  2. Serge Szpilfogel says:

    I am still using the FCD pro with software MAP65 & BPF for 144Mhz which is required. feeding the FCD with 4X17 elements pointed at the moon & I decode many EME stations with it on a passband of 90 Khz. I compared it to my Icom 275A & see no difference
    in terms of decoding stations off the moon. It is truly an amazing piece of equipment Congratulations Howard
    Serge /VE1KG

  3. Hi Howard,

    Now I have conflicting reports on the status of FCDPP s/n 0013222 tracking #EI769043101US
    One says it has been delivered and the other says it is lost. I sure hope the first one is true.

    Regards, Richard W5SXD