Production line

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4 Responses to Production line

  1. Ted Pater says:

    Hi there,
    I am very excited to see the progress on the project. I would like to give a presentation to our local hamradio club VE7RAR on the satellite communication using a low cost equipment.
    How can I order the dongle to proceed with the project?

    73, de Ted VE7VIB

  2. Matty MD0MAN says:

    Looking fabulous, hoping to order one as soon as they are available.

    I’m sure with the right software these could also work very well for HRPT from the NOAA birds ???

  3. Dieter Winkelmann DB8NT says:

    How can I order the FunCube dongle an How can I pay?

    73 DB8NT, Dieter

  4. KF5HDS says:

    Incredible!!! I am currently a student and I am interested in Building and working on different subsystems of the satellites!! The dongle is Awesome!! Can I order it!!

    73 KF5HDS