FCD Serial#200 on eBay, all proceeds to AMSAT-UK

…and,as a bonus, your name or callsign etched into the FUNcube satellite!

I had a punter change their mind a few minutes after the sale on Friday. Rather than putting into the next batch, I am making it available on eBay here.

Good luck with your bidding!


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2 Responses to FCD Serial#200 on eBay, all proceeds to AMSAT-UK

  1. Bruce N1RX says:

    Brilliant idea, Howard. A great way to rise funds for AMSAT-UK. -Bruce, N1RX

  2. Matty / MD0MAN says:


    £320.00 @ 17-Jan-11 22:05:32 GMT!!!

    That’s awsome, if you put the rest of the FCD’s on Ebay Howard, you probably won’t be far off the funds for the next FunCube Satellite :).

    All the best to the winning bidder!!

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