Next Sale: Friday 4 March 2011 22:00UTC


The next sale will be on Friday 4 March 2011 at 22:00 UTC.

I am sorry, we sold out.

Many thanks, Howard

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16 Responses to Next Sale: Friday 4 March 2011 22:00UTC

  1. CRC says:

    Finally!!! I got the confirmation email that it went through this time.

  2. Rob M0VFC says:

    I think you might finally be getting on top of demand, Howard: it’s still showing as in stock a whole five minutes after they went on sale!

    Thanks once again for all your efforts 🙂

    Rob, M0VFC

  3. VE9QRP says:

    Hoorah, my clicky skills succeeded this time. I have a pandaboard ARM-based linux board ready to try this out on…

    • admin says:

      That sounds interesting, I’d be interested to know how you get on with an ARM with the FCD.


  4. Emilio Valentini ik4dcq says:

    dear mister
    I want to buy the fantastic
    FUNcube Dongle and I pay with Paypal
    pleae send info
    Emilio Valentini

    • admin says:

      Hello Emilio

      Keep an eye on the site, hopefully within the next couple of weeks we’ll have a further sale.


  5. Bob says:

    more than 1 day notice would be nice – I went away for the weekend so missed this one 🙁

    Any idea when the next sale will be?

    • admin says:


      Sorry, if I can just explain. Normally I would like to give a few days notice. The assembler was late delivering, I only received the units on Thursday afternoon. It is only when I have received and performed an initial test of the units that I am confident enough to commit to a sale date.

      In addition, I have to ake sure I have sufficient manpower on hand, and that is one of the reasons why the sales are done over the weekend which is when I can get the help needed. The alternative was to delay for a further week.

      There will be another sale in the next couple of weeks: once I have the units I will post on the site.


  6. G0RNU says:

    We have all read about it , its been advertised and reveiwed ….but it seems like its a bit of a free for all to get ones of thease things , can you inform us of when there is likely to be a better stock situation so we dont have to put it in the lap of the gods ??


    • admin says:

      Hello Neil.

      Sorry we have run out. I have already ordered parts for a further 500 units, and some more units should be available in the next few days.

      Unfortunately I have discovered that manufacturing is not simply a matter of turning a tap on and off, it takes a while to settle down and get the process smooth, but it is getting better all the time.



  7. William Lewis KD6WQC says:

    Does not show as available ? Through PayPal

    • admin says:

      Hello William

      Apologies, we sold out, and I have not updated the website yet. I should have some more in the next few days.


  8. dono says:

    Hi, i can’t send you a email to the address mentioned in the paypal confirmation mail. I have an address change on my order, please can you confirm that you received this mail or contact me by email?

    Thank you.

    • admin says:


      Your item was mailed first thing on Monday morning, 7 March.

      The email address for my Paypal account is valid, that is where I receive all the orders from.


  9. Juan Antonio says:

    When will be the new batch of funcubes?. I tried to buy one today but the page told me that they were sold out.

  10. Robert Chang says:

    I got my Funcube dongle today, the first one in Taiwan.
    Thank you ! Howard