500 more dongles on order


I delivered enough parts for a further 500 FCDs to the assemblers today. The PCBs are due on Friday, and manufacture of the next batch will start next week.


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  1. bruce a wright jr. says:

    have you shipped any dongles to the usa and what would it cost.

    • admin says:

      Hi Bruce

      See the “Order your FUNcube Dongle Pro” menu item. We are currently sold out though I am afraid.


  2. manuel cardoso says:

    On 16 March 2011 at 22:00 i bought by paypal one FUNcube Dongle
    I dont know if it was processed
    73´s CT1PR

  3. George McNutt says:

    How soon did they sell out?…I tried at 22 seconds past 2200z and no joy…tnx ..Dick

    • George McNutt says:

      Three of my friends also tried at exactly 2200Z and received the “sold out”sign…what did we do wrong…tnx…Dick

  4. Bob Wilhite says:


    Thank You for restocking the assemblers. Have not been lucky enough yet, but I will.


  5. Chris lee says:

    Apparently they sold out in 30sec 🙁

    I’ll try one more time if the next batch is ready. I’m deploying for a year pretty quick so I might have missed the boat 🙁

  6. Paolo Valfre' I1VPJ says:

    Dear Howard,
    FCD had worked very well until now with a filter 87 and 108 MHz in entrance.
    The last two days I had some problems: the FCD was seen by the PC like Sound Card, I installed the last version of FIRMWARW but on SPECTRAVUE didn’t appear the spectrogram; the same thing appened on WRplus.
    Had I to resend everything to you in London?
    Thank you very much for the attention and tell me know what I have to do.
    FCD n° 00231
    73 de Paolo I1VPJ

    • admin says:

      Hello Paolo

      If you believe there is a hardware fault, mail it to me and I will take a look. I can usually fix them and return them on the same day.


      • Paolo Valfre' I1VPJ says:

        Dear Howard, all OK after the change of USB port … all OK thanks
        FCD at the time works very well about a 88-108 MHz filter !

        73 de Paolo I1VPJ

  7. Joseph Tom says:

    I tried to log on and pay for it. they went a bit faster than you thought they would.. Joe

  8. Marc Tessier - VE3TES says:

    Any idea when the next batch will be posted for sale? I am ready to buy 🙂

    • admin says:


      I am awaiting information from the assemblers. I have discovered that the manufacturing chain turns out to be big on promises and short on delivery: for example, the PCBs were late and turned up at the wrong location, and two of the component parts showing availability turned out to be out of stock.

      I hope to start manufacture this week – it was due to start today, but I fear it won’t be until Wednesday at the earliest. I would suggest ten days until the next sale if all goes to plan (the latest plan that is!)


      • Marc Tessier - VE3TES says:

        Thanks very much for the quick reply, I do appreciate all you have done on this project and do plan to support your work once I get to hit that buy it now button fast enough… HiHi !!!

  9. christian rodriguez says:

    This is super neat. I’m a graduate student in the United States. Can you shot me an email please? I would like to talk off the public forum.

    Thank you,

  10. Mans says:

    Hi Howard,
    How can I order a FunDongle pro? When I tried to order I keep getting Sold out so I am assuming that your are taking order for a new batch
    Please advice
    Mans. 9H1GB

    • admin says:

      Hello Mans

      When we have items in stock in the next week or so, we will update the inventory. I will also be announcing the date and time when they’ll be on sale.

      Many thanks for your interest, Howard

  11. Robert says:

    I would like to order the Pro, I am having trouble converting to US Dollars to figure out my cost. Can someone help?
    nØyg Robert

  12. Mans says:

    Hi Howard,
    Again I lost the chance to purchase the item.
    Any Idea of when there is going to be another batch for sale Please.
    Mans. 9H1GB

    • Mans says:

      Hi again Howard,
      please note that the forum, top of this page still shows that “← Next sale: Wednesday 16 March 2011, 22:00 UTC”
      Which I guess misled a lot of people, at least that was my case.
      Oh well lets hope that patience can be rewording.
      Mans. 9H1GB

      • admin says:

        Hello Mans

        I have updated the Order page. I am sorry that you were not successful on this occasion, tentatively I am looking to around 12 April for the next sale.


        • Mans says:

          Hi Howard,
          Thanks for the info. I will sure be on the look out on that day

          • Mans says:

            Hello Again Howard,
            I thing that the update you made on the Order page did not update this page (forum) as it still showing “← Next sale: Wednesday 16 March 2011, 22:00 UTC.
            Thanks again

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