Change to Zone 2 & 3 shipping pricing


It transpires that we have been undercharging for Zone 2 and 3 shipping.

Zone 2 was undercharging because of a miscalculation on fuel surcharge by our Fedex agent when quoting to us. It is now £13.16 for Western EU and US/Canada (was £11.86).

Zone 3 was undercharging by £0.35 because I hadn’t plugged it into Paypal correctly: the advertised price was still correct.

All other pricing remains the same.

I apologise for the small increases here. The Fedex system does seem to work out a lot better: instead of packages going into black holes as they did with the postal system, with Fedex they phone me up.


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2 Responses to Change to Zone 2 & 3 shipping pricing

  1. Ken says:

    Hi Folks,
    Am I messing up here? Tried the last three times to order one, sold out, sold out on each “multiple” attempt.
    I’m in Philadelphia, PA and unless I’m totally out of it….21000utc is 1:00pm in Philadelphia, PA?? Thanks!! Ken