Next sale: Sunday 3 April 21:00UTC


Update: Just visited the assemblers and tested a batch, so I am confident we’ll have some units available for this weekend, and have updated the timing appropriately to 21:00UTC (22:00BST, 23:00CEST, 17:00EDT, 14:00PDT).

I anticipate requiring Monday 4 April to prepare the logisitcs, with shipping taking place on Tuesday 5 April.

Sorry, we have sold out: I hope to have more available around 12/13 April.


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22 Responses to Next sale: Sunday 3 April 21:00UTC

  1. Richard Lavoie says:

    I’d like to order your radio, can you put me on a list for this week-end?

    Thank you,

    Richard ve2eed.

  2. Chris Lee says:

    Excellent to hear, I’ll be waiting by the computer and hopefully I can score one this time, Ive had terrible luck with the sales in the past lol.

    Any eta for shipping to Canada ? am I able to pay extra to get it faster ? If the sale is on the 3rd I would really want it here in 14 days or less as I ship out on the 18th.

    • admin says:

      Hello Chris

      Shipping will take place on Tuesday 5th (it will take all day Monday to print the labels and packing slips) and you should receive it on Wednesday 6th in Canada pre midday via Fedex depending on your postal code.

      o Next business day delivery by noon to over 75,000 zipcodes across Europe
      o Next business day by 10.30 a.m. delivery to 20,064 zipcodes across the USA and Canada
      o 2 day delivery by 10.30 a.m. to rest of USA
      o 2 day delivery to key Asian destinations
      o 2-4 day delivery to all other FedEx destinations

      I no longer use the postal system for international deliveries, I was spending half my waking hours fruitlessly chasing dongles around the planet. It also allows me to send automated tracking information ahead of time (when I can get the software to work – many people received their FCDs before I could get the tracking number to them on the last batch).


    • Chris Lee says:

      Well I got lucky I think, I have paypal confirmation ! 🙂 man Ive been trying for weeks to get one of these lol. Just luck of the draw If you ask me, these things sell out so fast there is no way skill is involved haha.

  3. Thanks!

    I’ll be waiting… !

  4. Mark says:

    What is the process for ording? Do you post a link on the day of the sale?

    Mark – KD0MZO

  5. Mark N8MH says:

    Howard, does this batch have the bias-T support natively on the board?

  6. Yes I want to order the Funcube dongle pro

  7. Herbert N2OPJ says:

    Great I missed last time maybe I will be lucky this time. I wonder how many are available?

    • admin says:

      Hello Herbert

      There are definitely over 100 available, I am still going through tests right now so I don’t hve the precise figure yet.

      I am hoping to be able to update production to 100/week: since updating the board layout, the manufacutring is significantly easier. Firstly, all parts are on a single side now. Secondly I’ve modified the lands for some of the parts and the location of some of the parts too which has resolved a lot of post-reflow rework. Thirdly, and for most significantly for me, I don’t need to rework the HPF anymore as it’s now integrated onto the board at assembly.

      The assembler is now doing some functional testing. This is reflected in my own functional testing afterwards: we’ve just achieved 98% functional success on this latest delivery, and I beleive we can make 99% with little change. The only part of the device that is not part of the assembler’s functional test is the RF section. Specification testing has a 95% success: the only part that now fails specification testing has been the tuner chip where the IQ imbalance spec is not met and I have to replace the chip.

      Previously, attrition of the LNA has been about 5 to 10% missing sensitivity specification, and I now suspect this was directly attributable to the HPF rework. Only one LNA was replaced in this last batch, and that was because it was accidentally nudged out while I lifted the tuner chip fixing an imbalance fault. The re-arrangment of the parts now necessitated the use of protective Kapton tape around the tuner chip when lifting it to avoid accidental movement of the parts around it.


  8. Phil K1PAs says:

    so how does this work i log into your site and i have just a small window to order or…..?
    thanks Phil

  9. Ricky says:

    Hi Howard,
    how many Fcd are on sale this week end?

  10. Fred Hatfield says:

    Where is the Buy Now button? I want one badly, but how can I buy one if there is no Buy Now button?
    Fred Hatfield K8vdu

  11. Fred Hatfield says:

    Can you answer about the Buy Now button before the deadline for ordering? I would like to order one…

    Fred Hatfield K8VDU

    • admin says:

      Hello Fred,

      Yes I realised this morning that after some HTML hacking I did a few days ago to update the pricing had broken the button. It should be showing now.

      Many thanks, Howard

  12. Juergen says:

    Hi Howard,
    No. 845 of the dongle has arrived safely in Dresden. Thank you for the very fast delivery. I can well our 23cm beacon receive and also the relays on 2m and 70cm. the dongle is a very fine instrument. It was a really great idea to build such a device.

    Kind regards, health de Juergen, DJ7AL