Delivery information for the 3 April sale


All UK units were mailed this morning (Monday 4 April) and should arrive tomorrow via Special Delivery 1pm. If you have not received yours tomorrow (please note that it requires a signature), let me know and I will get you the tracking number.

For non UK deliveries, with the new shipping system in place I have managed to pack and prepare every unit from this batch already this morning, so all non-UK units will now ship today (Monday)! This means many North American and Western European buyers will receive their FCDs tomorrow (Tuesday 5 April). I am currently awaiting the Fedex tracking numbers so that I can collate them with the email addresses I have for you from Paypal. The process to make this work at all was frought with difficulty (eg, the Office email merge and all my AV software assumed I was sending spam!) so it may be later today or early tomorrow before I manage to get these detail out. Irrespective, all the units will have already shipped.


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3 Responses to Delivery information for the 3 April sale

  1. David Morgan says:

    Good morning Howard- the WRPLUS I was going to use with the FCD I bought on the 3rd April has gone out of date. The WRPLUS web site is going professional and there is no download available at present for purchase. Can you advise on getting a working copy of WRPLUS to use??


  2. Ken SM0GXZ says:

    Hi Howard,

    The funcube dongle arrived this morning.
    Ordered at 2100 Z sunday evening, and arrival 62 hours later…
    Excellent transport work by Fedex.
    They called me yesterday evening, and wondered if they could leave the package at my work, which, of course, was not a problem.
    I´m also, as several others, looking forward for a HF/VHF unit.

    Keep up the good work !


    Ken SM0GXZ / KJ4MKD

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