Next Sale: Tuesday 24 May 21:00UTC


As the title says, I am due to have some more for Tuesday 24 May at 21:00UTC.

Sorry, we ran out again. The good news is that I held stock for five hours before running out!

Mnay thanks, Howard

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5 Responses to Next Sale: Tuesday 24 May 21:00UTC

  1. Brian says:

    I finally got one, can’t wait to receive it!

  2. Hans-Juergen says:

    I’m Esther asthonished reading this. Yesterday I tried to get one-but never had a chance to reach the Paypal site. Can you help me? At that time I was in greece but there were no problems using the internet.
    73, Hans-Juergen

    • admin says:

      Hello Hans Juergen

      I have another sale on today at 21:00UTC where you can try again.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. Garrett WB6JNR says:

    Success at last!!! I know the stock lasted at least 40 seconds! 🙂
    It will be interesting to see if poor Howard is finally catching up with demand.
    Thanks for all your hard work and perseverance Howard.
    I now look forward to delivery!

  4. Peter G4NTN says:

    Didn’t last long this time . Missed out at 15 seconds past 21:00 UTC came up as sold out again !!!!! Even synced PC to on line clock.