Next Sale: Thursday 26 May 21:00UTC


I will have some more units ready for Thursday 26 May at 21:00UTC.

For the first time, we had units remaining for some time after the last sale for a few hours, so hopefully we’re now in a position where I can maintain a stock level.

Many thanks, Howard

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19 Responses to Next Sale: Thursday 26 May 21:00UTC

  1. Anton says:

    I have tried multiple time’s from 21h00 UTC last night and always got sold out

    • admin says:

      Hello Anton,

      There were 100 units that sold between 2100UTC and 0215UTC, so you should not have received “sold out”. What is your time zone?


  2. Ronald Smith says:

    Hi There. I would love to have one of these SDR’s but I don’t have Paypal.

    Is there any other method of payment…. pse… Visa etc…

    de VE3NLS

    • admin says:

      Hello Ronald

      I beleive it is possible to make a payment with Paypal without having a Paypal account, using Paypal as the credit card authorising agent. I’m afraid that right now I don’t have any other way of accepting international payments.


    • Ron says:

      Thanks Howard on the PayPal issue. I will ask a friend who does have it and pay him. Missed this round of sales. Will look for the next release.

      73’s from Ontario.

      de VE3NLS

  3. Ron N1WT says:

    Does anyone have a good contact at Elonics? I am interested in the E4000 silicon tuner for a project but they do not reply to the emails I send to the address provided on their web page. Do they by any chance have any sort of representation in the US?
    73 Ron

    • admin says:

      Hello Ron

      Have you tried calling them? As with most silicon tuner manufacturers, they will require you to sign an NDA. Unlike several other silicon tuner manufacturers, they _did_ respond to my correspondence. I am not sure what their response will be if you’re only doing one-offs. I was up front and estimated “about 100 to 500 units” and they didn’t baulk. I would think they normally talk in terms of 100,000 units plus though.


      • Ron N1WT says:

        Our time is a bit out of sync but I can try calling. I suspect our volume would not be 10K+ but certainly more than 100-500pcs.
        Do you have an email address for a “real person” rather than the “info” one on their web page?

  4. paultewkesbury says:

    Grrrrr!!! my wife has been trying for weeks to get me a fundongle.,
    Today at 2100 utc as soon as the time came to21oo, she clicked the time zone 1 and was automatically sold out.
    How ??? She clicked at exactly 2100 ???

    • admin says:


      I was on a 3G connection when I updated the inventory in Paypal, so there was a bit of a delay but it was certainly there at 5 seconds past. The item sold out quickly, in a couple of minutes this time for some reason compared to Tuesday, not sure why.

      There will be another sale on Tuesday 31 May.


      • Mark N8MH says:

        Two reasons I can think of, Howard: Exposure at Dayton Hamvention, and I sent a reminder to the AMSAT-BB a couple of hours before the sale 🙂

      • Rob says:

        I think it was a hot topic on twitter this week, that may of helped.

      • G8IUG says:

        Thanks, Howard,
        Onward and upwards, I shall try again on tuesday 31st.
        should have bought on when I saw you assembling them at Kempton Park.

  5. KW says:

    It is 21:02 UTC 5/26 and it says sold out for zone 2 (USA).

  6. Peter G4NTN says:

    Missed again at 15 seconds past !!!!


  7. Winiger says:

    I tryed several time to buy it.
    Always got the answer “Sold out”
    How can I get on?
    JN47ce / 22.24 UTC
    73 de Michel

    • admin says:


      Yes I am sorry we sold out much quicker this time. I will be having another sale on Tuesday 31 May at 2100UTC.


  8. G8IUG says:

    Fundongle received yesterday,
    Now to play and enjoy !!
    Many thanks Howard 🙂