Next Sale: Tuesday 28 June 2100UTC


As per the title, I’ll have some more units on Tuesday 28 June at 2100UTC.

Many thanks for your patience!


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12 Responses to Next Sale: Tuesday 28 June 2100UTC

  1. Dawid SQ6EMM says:


    is this a batch with modified ground already?

  2. Joern OZ6TA says:


    Wil you bring some Dongle for sale at the AMSAT UK Colloquium – 2011 ?


    • admin says:

      Hello Joern

      If I have some available, then, yes, I will bring them. It is my intention to have some but we have had some recent delays in the production for the past three weeks or so for one reason or another. If the planned schedule occurs, there should be no problem.


  3. zerohat says:

    waiting that you open…seems still no ordering possible 🙁

  4. Craig says:

    Sold out in two minutes. I was lucky!