New firmware: version 18i


I am pleased to announce firmware version 18i, which includes a fix to clicking during streaming that some users have reported. Even if you did not knowingly experience the clicking, it will be advantageous in particular for any data modes such as receiving ARISSat-1 transmissions.

This release is currently in testing status, so any feedback is welcomed.

Firmware v18i

Many thanks, Howard

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10 Responses to New firmware: version 18i

  1. John says:

    I did have the clicking using WRplus but your update fixed that, Thanks 😉
    HDSDR ver 2.1 software was problem free anyway for me…

    Thanks, John

  2. reni says:

    i just bought the funcunbe dongle pro (on aug 2nd) version 3.1, but could not get it running with qthid – could it be that is has to do with old firmware?
    and if so, is there another way to upload the firmware than by using windows?


    • admin says:

      Hello Reni

      Yes, I think with QTHID you will need to update the firmware. Updating the firmware other than in Windows is not very reliable: I would do it from within Windows if you can.

      Many thanks, Howard

    • Robin says:


      alternatively, QTHID can be used from within Linux to update the firmware & set the frequency. One has used Ubuntu and QTHID quite successfully.



    • Iain says:

      You may need to grab QTHID 2.2, upgrade the firmware via that, then use QTHID 3.3, as the firmware as supplied is to old for QTHID 3.3



  3. Mike says:

    Something else to note. Remember to completely shut down the HID program after you reset to bootloader. Otherwise it may attempt to communicate with the FCD and upset the firmware load process.


    • admin says:


      Absolutely right! It is pretty much essential to shut down any other software that might try to talk with the FCD as it upsets the HID API communications.

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. Jeff Murri KK4ETK says:

    I’ll second the make sure nothing else is accessing the dongle when you try to update the firmware. I ran into this just last night. It’s similar to other devices I have in that way. The Arduino does not like getting updates when something has a hold of it, and neither do my Zigbee radios.

    When you think about it, it’s an unintentional “idiot proof” feature for people like me who get in a hurry or get preoccupied. 🙂

    • admin says:

      Hello Jeff

      A very good point, and it’s caught me out too. Typically this is because SDR software regularly polls the FCD to check various functions like PLL lock for example. This interferes with the boot loader process that uses the same HID interface to upload new code.

      Many thanks, Howard

  5. Hans LX2KW says:

    I use the 18i firmware and couldn’t find any troubles
    The FCD is running every day for more than 3 hours