Ordering news – 24 August 2011


We’ve managed to keep stock – just – for a couple of weeks now. The inventory went down as low as 1 on two occasions but we’ve been working very hard on catch up.

As you may be aware, although you can purchase direct from this site, in addition Martin Lynch is also retailing the FUNcube Dongle for us, offering more payment options.

As we’re attending the Japan Ham Fair in Tokyo over the weekend, orders that we receive thorugh the FUNcube Dongle website from 25 August 0500UTC won’t be dispatched until Wednesday 31 August. Of course, this does not affect Martin’s ordering facilities that remain active throughout this period.

Many thanks, Howard

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2 Responses to Ordering news – 24 August 2011

  1. Wolfgang Clemenz, Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 53. 65232 Taunusstein, GERMANY says:

    Hallo to gether, I ordered last week an funcubedongle, but I do not now the date
    when it is possibel to send it to me and when it will be possible you can me under-
    stand over the delevery.
    Please do me first say when it possible to send a funcube and what will it cost?
    Many thanks for your and all the best here from germany.
    Best 73

    • admin says:

      Hello Wolfgang

      I do not have any record of an order under you name, can you let me know the transaction ID of the Paypal transaction please?

      Many thanks, Howard