New stock


I have managed to get some units ready for delivery over the weekend that I’ve made available now (Monday 5 September).

Many thanks, Howard

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  1. Mike Frisco says:

    Not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but as of one week ago, SDR-RADIO now supports the FunCube dongle natively!

    Might want to make a post on your blog so people know.

  2. Terry Genes says:

    When will the next batch be available or do you have stock?

    73 Terry G4POP

    • admin says:

      Hello Terry

      We are in stock: I had a couple of days over last weekend when we were out but we are currently in stock and have further stock arriving this week too.

      Thank you, Howard

  3. Daniel R says:

    Hey, I just ordered one today, I assume if it doesn’t say out of stock that you still have some left? :)

  4. Sergei says:

    Hi Howard, I did place an order last Wednesday and haven’t got any confirmation was my unit ship or not. Could you please check? Thanks, 73 Sergei UA3AP Moscow

    • admin says:

      Hello Sergei

      Your unit shipped on Thursday morning (8 Sep).

      I’ve also sent you a reply with the tracking details to your Paypal email address.

      Many thanks, Howard

  5. Wolfgang Clemenz, Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 53. 65232 Taunusstein, GERMANY says:

    Please are so kindly and send me a FUNcube Dongle.
    I will be so glad and friendly and say many thanks to you.
    I wish you and your friend in the business all the best.
    73, good luck,
    Wolfgang Clemenz

  6. Phil says:

    Hi Howard, I did place an order on 13. and haven’t got any confirmation was my unit ship or not. Could you please check? Thanks, 73 Phil

  7. Daniel R says:

    Got mine today.. Couldn’t figure out why it wasn’t working!

    But apparently it doesn’t ship with working firmware? Stuck the latest stable firmware on it and it seems to work great. You might want to put that on the piece of paper you ship with them. (Unless I missed it, I did skim the paper to see if there was anything important on there and didn’t see anything about having to flash it)

    • Rob Styles says:

      Hi Daniel

      The FUNcube does come with a very stable and working Firmware, but what you have found is the Control software and 3rd part software need the latest firmware, Howard dispatches the FCD with 18b as this is known as being stable and rock solid.
      As below

      Some software downloads…

      Windows fully functional front end
      Windows fully functional front end with source (needs firmware 18d or above)
      Windows fully functional front end with source (needs firmware 18f or above)
      Basic front end with source code
      Boot loader with source code
      First public firmware release v18b
      Beta firmware release v18c
      Firmware pre-release v18d
      Firmware pre-release v18e (don’t bother, 18f is your man)
      Firmware v18f (latest stable release)
      Firmware v18h (I/Q correction included in firmware)
      Firmware v18i (In test: fix to clicking when streaming)
      Qt cross platform source code (original by your truly, a bit flaky)
      Much better Qt cross platform frequency control app with source code by Alexandru Csete


  8. Kathy Weemer says:

    Picked up another one for my brother, just and just received it. Thanks so much for keeping us updated Howard!


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