TAPR DCC and ordering news 14 September


We’ll be travelling to the TAPR Digital Communications Conference on 15 September, returning early in the morning on Monday 19 September. You’re welcome to order directly from us as usual using the normal link. Of course, you’re also welcome to order from Martin Lynch too.

Orders received after 22:00UTC on 14 September will be dispatched on Monday 19 September.

Many thanks!


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13 Responses to TAPR DCC and ordering news 14 September

  1. hb9emo says:

    hi. I have buy a Funcube whit paypal. How can do to see my order and when are sending?
    Thanks a lot.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mauro

      Your unit was sent on 19 September and is showing as delivered on 20 September. If this is not the case, please send me an email to my Paypal email address.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Tim says:

    anxiously awaiting my fun cube. has it shipped?

    • admin says:

      Hello Tim

      It was sent on Monday 19 Sep and delivered on Monday 20 Sep, however I habe since had a call from Fedex to say that the recipient has sent it back to Fedex. I have sent you an email regarding this this morning.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. Rob Taylor says:

    Hello there,

    I am having a hard time figuring out how long shipping should take from you, to a zone 2 address (West coast, United States). Do you have an average ship time? I ordered from you a few days ago. I’m in no rush, just curious.

    Thanks much! Great work on this device.

    • admin says:

      Hi Rob

      Usually it’s about one or two working days, it depends on the time of day you place your order as to whether it makes my Fedex pickup.

      Your unit was shipped on Monday morning, it is currently showing at the Fedex hub in Memephis, I would expect a delivery later today (Tuesday).

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. Jerome says:

    It was great seeing your presentation at the DCC. I really enjoyed hearing how you worked to come up with the design. I am fired up to see what it can do. Just put in my order.

  5. Fred Radford says:

    Hello. I ordered the Dongle radio yesterday and then discovered there is a pro for a few dollars more. I would like to change my order. Please tell me how to do this. Thank you. Fred

    • admin says:

      Hello Fred

      Your unit is a Pro: the base entry level models have not been produced yet. Your unit was already dispatched this morning (Monday 17 October).

      Many thanks, Howard

  6. Wolfgang Clemenz, Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 53. 65232 Taunusstein, GERMANY says:

    Hello together,
    I am very glad to write you again. Maybe I can order a funcube, but it is normal not
    okay. First I have to now how long is the time to deliever a part and what cost it.
    Please give me an answer.
    I wish you from here the best and 73, it is in the near from Wiesbaden.

  7. Wolfgang Clemenz, Geschw.-Scholl-Str. 53. 65232 Taunusstein, GERMANY says:

    Hello together,
    many Thanks for your writing today, which me received, I am very glad to hear from
    you and the price of the funcube. I have one question to the price. What does it mean
    GCP99, is this in Dollar or is it Euro? Please so kindly and give me a good explation,
    so that I now, what it will cost. Please can you me also explain what the difference
    between the two things is. Many Thanks for you here from Germany.

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