Ordering multiple FCDs, and VAT registered EU orders


At the moment, the order page doesn’t allow you to enter a quantity of units should you wish to order more than one. This was originally due to the demand far outstripping the supply a couple of months ago.

Now we’re pretty much continually able to maintain stock, I looked at adding a Quantity option, but it’s proving rather more fiddly to implement than I expected due to the way the Paypal button adds shipping charges.

The same applies to non-UK VAT registered companies: if you are registered for VAT within the EU, you’ll need to send me your company and VAT details.

So, if you wish to order more than one unit, or you are registered for VAT in the European Union (not-UK) feel free to contact me at g6lvb ({at}) amsat.org and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

Many thanks, Howard

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12 Responses to Ordering multiple FCDs, and VAT registered EU orders

  1. Bill - N6GHz says:

    Hi Howard,

    We just finished a few products to enhance the FCD.
    On our web site, http://www.hsmicrowave.com, you’ll see a 50-54 MHz to 116-120 MHz upconverter, a low loss 2 meter front end filter (other bands are in the works) and a filtered 2 meter LNA. We’re finishing the testing on a 5-55 MHz up converter giving HF band coverage.

    Regards…Bill – N6GHz

  2. David Morgan says:

    I bought an FCD some time ago and have been using for Radio Astronomy.
    It has had very careful handling but an intermittent connection is developing on the SMA connector. In some cases there is a 10dB drop in signal when the sma is fully engaged.

    Can this be rectified. Do I send it back to you?
    Thank you

    • admin says:

      Hello David

      Of course, I will send you a private email to organise replacement.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. Pat says:

    I am wondering if you ship overseas, or if there is a supplier here in the U.S that you recommend? Thanks- Pat

    • admin says:

      Hello Pat

      Yes I ship overseas: 95% of orders are non-UK, and about 1/3 go to North America.

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. tony G3OVH says:

    Hi Howard
    I gave a talk about my experiences with the Fun Cube Dongle at the Radio Astronomy meeting in Northampton on Saturday 12 Nov. Lots of interest expressed, so you may experience a peak in orders from the UK in the next week or so.
    Keep up the fantastic work!

    • admin says:

      Hello Tony

      Many thanks for your kind words: I would have like to have attended, however we had a FUNcube satellite meeting all weekend.

      Thank you, Howard

  5. hey Howard,
    How much be the charge of the shipping of the items? It would be some kind interesting to know it for I want to purchase a stuff that was worth of $550? Thanks for the info!

    • admin says:

      Hello Lablyn

      The shipping charges are on the “Order your FUNcube Dongle Pro” page (see the menu near the top of the page). The shipping charge is a fixed cost whether you purchase 1 or 100.

      Many thanks, Howard

  6. That’s great! I will check the fixed shipping cost of this product right now. It’s good that i found this post and i found this product that will let me access to the satellite frequency band.

  7. hey Howard,
    I like to order multiple FCDs but can you tell me what are the shipping charges?

    • admin says:

      Hello Josh

      I usually charge just one shipping charge for multiple units. If it’s a large order, shipping is FoC.

      Let me know how many you want and I’ll send you a Paypal invoice.

      Apologies for the delay in replying by the way, I’ve been on vacation and just catching up. Thanks for your patience.

      Many thanks, Howard