Extra stock ordered for Christmas


In the past few weeks we have taken the opportunity to order a bumper load of FUNcube Dongles to make sure we have enough inventory to see us through to the new year. These units are already coming through so we anticipate being able to supply all the way through the next few weeks. We’ve been down to single digits on a few occasions, but we’ve not run out for some weeks now. Maybe I should get a job in JIT manufacturing and resourcing!

Many thanks, Howard

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2 Responses to Extra stock ordered for Christmas

  1. Kikumaro Taya says:

    The 2nd set of FCD(s) was received today.
    What is the firmware version of this new product?
    Is This 18i or ..?

    • admin says:


      We always ship with 18b firmware. To use some of the thrid party software, I recommend updating to 18i.

      Many thanks, Howard