Dongle Demographic


Here is the global distribution of about 75% of the FUNcube Dongle population. Not all are included as many are now distributed by third parties, and occasionally Paypal won’t give me the country in a simple to number crunch way.

We still have stock, and I have a further 500 on their way from the board assembler tomorrow. We use Fedex International Priority for all non-UK shipments, so we’re good for global delivery before Christmas. UK shipment is by Special Delivery.

Many thanks, Howard

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3 Responses to Dongle Demographic

  1. Tom says:

    Thanks and Very Happy Holidays Howard,

    Outstanding service!! I ordered my funcubedongle over the weekend and it arrived in South Weber, Utah at 10:45 MST this (Tuesday) morning, via FEDEX!! Almost unbelievable, especially given the Holiday Shipping Season!!

    Best 73,


  2. sigi dg9bfc says:

    hello howard
    hmm i take a close look and what do i see?!?
    germany on second place :-)
    uk on third
    (usa on first is cause usa is soooo big)


    ps fcd works superb wih different soft so you made a GOOOOD work

    • admin says:

      Hello Sigi

      Many thanks, it’s been much more popular than I expected.

      I see there was a review in a German magazine this month too, although I’m afraid I don’t understand what it says!

      Thank you, Howard

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