Inventory status – in stock!


As I write, I have a very few units left in stock, with a further batch in manufacturing that is due early this week. Hopefully we won’t see an interruption in supply, although I did accidentally let the Paypal inventory drop to zero last night for which I apologise, I have since updated it so feel free to order.

Many thanks, Howard

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2 Responses to Inventory status – in stock!

  1. Sarrion jean-Michel says:

    je serai intéressé par l’achat du funcubedongle pro
    pourriez vous me dire comment l’acheter
    merci pour l’info

    • admin says:

      Bonsoir Sarrion.

      I have no stock at the moment due to a shortage of one of the parts. I have recently sourced some and I am awaiting pricing.

      As soon as we have stock I’ll post on here.

      Many thanks, Howard

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