Ordering your FUNcube Dongle Pro+


(* Please see this note about ordering and Internet Explorer 8)

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The price of the new FUNcube Dongle Pro+ is GBP124.99 (plus 20% VAT if you are in the European Union). A summary of fully tracked Fedex International Priority shipping rates and times are presented below, with a full list of rates at the end of this post. In the UK, we use Royal Mail Special Delivery.

As a rule-of-thumb, my cut-off time for same-day dispatch is 11am UK local time, although often it’s somewhat later.

UK £6.22
US & Canada £9.42
Western Europe £11.00
Eastern Europe £14.00
Australia £17.39
Japan £17.39
Europe 1 – 2 days
USA 1 – 2 days
Canada 1 – 2 days
Latin America 2 – 3 days
Asia 3 days
Middle East – India 3 days
Africa – Oceania 3 – 5 days

Please register your interest here. If we’re out of stock, it will add you to a wait list that we’ll be going through in order as the devices arrive from the manufacturer and I’ve done the final testing prior to despatch.

Please note that frustratingly the waiting list software doesn’t supply a positive confirmation that your details have been successfully keyed. When I look at the database I do a de-dupe because understandably a lot of people key their details in twice. What I would ask is that you take care to enter your email address correctly: there are definitely a few bad email addresses in there I’m afraid which can be difficult if not impossible to follow up on.

Many thanks, Howard.

Afghanistan GBP 28.00
Aland Islands GBP 11.00
Albania GBP 20.50
Algeria GBP 19.97
American Samoa GBP 28.00
Andorra GBP 11.00
Angola GBP 28.00
Anguilla GBP 26.90
Antigua & Barbuda GBP 26.90
Argentina GBP 26.90
Armenia GBP 28.00
Aruba GBP 26.90
Australia GBP 17.39
Austria GBP 11.00
Azerbaijan GBP 28.00
Azores GBP 11.00
Bahamas GBP 26.90
Bahrain GBP 19.97
Bangladesh GBP 19.97
Barbados GBP 26.90
Belarus GBP 20.50
Belgium GBP 11.00
Belize GBP 26.90
Benin GBP 28.00
Bermuda GBP 26.90
Bhutan GBP 19.97
Bolivia GBP 26.90
Bonaire GBP 26.90
Bosnia GBP 20.50
Botswana GBP 28.00
Brazil GBP 26.90
British Virgin Islands GBP 26.90
Brunei GBP 19.97
Bulgaria GBP 14.00
Burkina Faso GBP 28.00
Burundi GBP 28.00
Burundi GBP 28.00
Cambodia GBP 17.39
Cameroon GBP 28.00
Canada GBP  9.42
Canary Islands GBP 11.00
Cape Verde Islands GBP 28.00
Cape Verde Islands GBP 28.00
Cayman Islands GBP 26.90
Central African Republic GBP 28.00
Chad GBP 28.00
Chad GBP 28.00
Channel Islands GBP  6.22
Chile GBP 26.90
China GBP 17.33
Colombia GBP 26.90
Congo GBP 28.00
Cook Islands GBP 28.00
Costa Rica GBP 26.90
Cote Divoire GBP 28.00
Croatia GBP 20.50
Curacao GBP 26.90
Cyprus GBP 14.00
Czech Republic GBP 14.00
Denmark GBP 11.00
Djibouti GBP 28.00
Djibouti GBP 28.00
Dominica GBP 26.90
Dominican Republic GBP 26.90
Ecuador GBP 26.90
Egypt GBP 19.97
El Salvador GBP 26.90
England GBP  6.22
Equitorial Guinea GBP 28.00
Eritrea GBP 28.00
Estonia GBP 14.00
Ethiopia GBP 28.00
Faeroe Islands GBP 11.00
Fiji GBP 28.00
Finland GBP 11.00
France GBP 11.00
French Guiana GBP 26.90
French Polynesia GBP 28.00
Gabon GBP 28.00
Gambia GBP 28.00
Georgia GBP 28.00
Germany GBP 11.00
Ghana GBP 28.00
Gibraltar GBP 16.50
Greece GBP 11.00
Greenland GBP 11.00
Grenada GBP 26.90
Guadeloupe GBP 26.90
Guam GBP 28.00
Guatemala GBP 26.90
Guernsey GBP  6.22
Guinea GBP 28.00
Guinea-Bissau GBP 28.00
Guyana GBP 26.90
Haiti GBP 26.90
Holland GBP 11.00
Holy See (Vatican City State) GBP 11.00
Honduras GBP 26.90
Hong Kong GBP 17.39
Hungary GBP 14.00
Iceland GBP 16.50
India GBP 19.97
Indonesia GBP 17.39
Iraq GBP 19.97
Ireland GBP 11.00
Isle of Man GBP  6.22
Israel GBP 19.97
Italy GBP 11.00
Jamaica GBP 26.90
Japan GBP 17.39
Jersey GBP  6.22
Jordan GBP 19.97
Kazakhstan GBP 28.00
Kenya GBP 28.00
Kiribati GBP 28.00
Korea, Republic of GBP 17.39
Kosrae GBP 28.00
Kuwait GBP 19.97
Kyrgyzstan GBP 28.00
Laos GBP 17.39
Latvia GBP 14.00
Lebanon GBP 19.97
Lesotho GBP 28.00
Liberia GBP 28.00
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya GBP 19.97
Liechtenstein GBP 16.50
Lithuania GBP 14.00
Luxembourg GBP 11.00
Macau GBP 17.39
Macedonia, Republic of GBP 20.50
Madagascar GBP 28.00
Malawi GBP 28.00
Malaysia GBP 17.39
Maldives GBP 28.00
Mali GBP 28.00
Malta GBP 14.00
Marshall Islands GBP 28.00
Martinique GBP 26.90
Mauritania GBP 28.00
Mauritius GBP 28.00
Mexico GBP 17.39
Micronesia, Federated States of GBP 28.00
Moldova GBP 20.50
Monaco GBP 11.00
Mongolia GBP 28.00
Montenegro, Republic of GBP 20.50
Montserrat GBP 26.90
Morocco GBP 19.97
Mozambique GBP 28.00
Myanmar GBP 19.97
Namibia GBP 28.00
Nauru GBP 28.00
Nepal GBP 19.97
Netherlands GBP 11.00
Netherlands Antilles GBP 26.90
New Caledonia GBP 28.00
New Zealand GBP 17.39
Nicaragua GBP 26.90
Niger GBP 28.00
Nigeria GBP 28.00
Niue GBP 28.00
Northern Ireland GBP  6.22
Norway GBP 16.50
Oman GBP 19.97
Pakistan GBP 19.97
Palau GBP 28.00
Panama GBP 26.90
Papua New Guinea GBP 28.00
Paraguay GBP 26.90
Peru GBP 26.90
Philippines GBP 17.39
Poland GBP 14.00
Ponape GBP 28.00
Portugal GBP 11.00
Puerto Rico GBP 26.90
Qatar GBP 19.97
Reunion GBP 28.00
Romania GBP 14.00
Rota GBP 28.00
Russia GBP 20.50
Rwanda GBP 28.00
Saba GBP 26.90
Saipan GBP 28.00
San Marino GBP 11.00
Saudi Arabia GBP 19.97
Scotland GBP  6.22
Senegal GBP 28.00
Serbia, Republic of GBP 20.50
Seychelles GBP 28.00
Sierra Leone GBP 28.00
Singapore GBP 17.39
Slovakia GBP 14.00
Slovenia GBP 14.00
Solomon Islands GBP 28.00
Somalia GBP 28.00
South Africa GBP 26.90
Spain GBP 11.00
Sri Lanka GBP 19.97
St. Barthelemy GBP 26.90
St. Christopher GBP 26.90
St. Croix GBP 26.90
St. Eustatius GBP 26.90
St. John GBP 26.90
St. Kitts & Nevis GBP 26.90
St. Lucia GBP 26.90
St. Maarten GBP 26.90
St. Martin GBP 26.90
St. Thomas GBP 26.90
St. Vincent & the Grenadines GBP 26.90
Sudan GBP 28.00
Suriname GBP 26.90
Swaziland GBP 28.00
Sweden GBP 11.00
Switzerland GBP 16.50
Syrian Arab Republic GBP 19.97
Tahiti GBP 28.00
Taiwan GBP 17.39
Tanzania GBP 28.00
Thailand GBP 17.39
Timor-Leste GBP 17.39
Tinian GBP 28.00
Togo GBP 28.00
Tonga GBP 28.00
Trinidad and Tobago GBP 26.90
Truk GBP 28.00
Tunisia GBP 19.97
Turkey GBP 20.50
Turkmenistan GBP 28.00
Turks & Caicos Islands GBP 26.90
Tuvalu GBP 28.00
Uganda GBP 28.00
Ukraine GBP 20.50
Union Island GBP 26.90
United Arab Emirates GBP 19.97
United Kingdom GBP  6.22
United States GBP  9.42
Uruguay GBP 26.90
US Virgin Islands GBP 26.90
Uzbekistan GBP 28.00
Vanuatu GBP 28.00
Venezuela GBP 26.90
Vietnam GBP 17.39
Virgin Gorda GBP 26.90
Wales GBP  6.22
Wallis and Futuna GBP 28.00
Western Samoa GBP 28.00
Yap GBP 28.00
Yemen GBP 19.97
Zaire GBP 28.00
Zambia GBP 28.00
Zimbabwe GBP 28.00

108 Responses to Ordering your FUNcube Dongle Pro+

  1. Jim Petrosky says:

    Interseted in price and availability on the Pro+

    • admin says:

      Hello Jim.

      PRice is GBP124.99 plus VAT. To the US that’ll be ~$199, and of course no VAT is applied to US deliveries. Next working day Fedex International Priority shipping is GBP9.42 (~USD15) to the US.

      I have units in stock, but I am awaiting the certification test to be completed.

      You can see the ordering details here.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Matthew says:


        If we have this preordered on ML&S, and have one reserved here, would it be best and faster to cancel the ML&S order and order it directly?


        • admin says:

          Hello Matthew

          Our two ordering systems are completely separate and as you’d expect I can’t see where you are in their queue I’m afraid.

          Many thanks, Howard

    • Hugo says:

      I really don’t understand…can we order or not?
      Is there a contact email or phone ???
      I think you guyz need to get real stock…with real transactional website!

      • admin says:

        Hello Hugo

        We do not presently have enough stock to satisfy the demand, therefore you can register your interest on the waiting list. There are over 2,000 people on the waiting list and I am up to about 1,650 on that list. You can add your interest by reading the notes on the original post at the top of the page and pressing on the link to register interest. You are invited to order once your turn comes.

        I am not sure that I understand your comment about “real stock” or “real transactional website”? Stock is tested and dispatched within hours of it arriving from our assemblers. The ordering system is hosted by the 3DCart eCommerce system.

        I am not sure if you have any experience in manufacturing, but there is no magic button to press, and then items suddenly arrive: there is a lot more to it than that, and we are doing our utmost to fulfill the waiting list.

        Many thanks, Howard

    • Juan Ignacio Isla says:

      Which is the price to Chile in dollars??? and for the funcube…. thanks

  2. Chris Ibele says:

    Hello Howard!
    I’d like to order a FUNcube Dongle Pro+, pse let me know how it’s working with the payment.
    vy73 de oe9ici chris

    • admin says:

      Hello Chris

      If you’re not already on the waiting list, add yourself here. When we reach you in the list with stock ready to dispatch, we’ll send you an email to request payment. On the FUNcube Dongle website we don’t take payment details until we have items ready for dispatch.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. Pete Bronlund says:

    You must be flat out in production but is there a small chance you can indicate some kind of lead-time to any chance of purchasing an FCDpro+ and receiving in time for Christmas Hols as it will serve as a brilliant present. I already have a FCDpro doing sterling service. Thanks, Pete (in New Zealand).

    • admin says:

      Hello Pete

      It is my intention to get every current outstanding order out before Christmas.

      Many thanks, Howard

  4. Vic says:

    Hello Howard,
    Just checking that I am on your list for an early order of the FCD+
    Hope the AMSAT doo went well and am sure orders aplenlty will be forthcoming.
    73 de Vic

    • admin says:

      Hello Vic

      Firstly, sorry for the delay in the reply, to get this information I have to do a bit of jiggery pokery with the ecommerce database which takes a bit of quality time.

      Yes, you’re in there!

      Many thanks, Howard

  5. Ken Eaton says:

    Hi Howard,
    A very big “Thank You” for your time and effort in resolving the problem with ordering using Windows XP and explorer.
    I checked in yesterday afternoon ( Friday 2nd November ) and everything worked
    OK and my order was accepted.
    You also demonstrated that not only is your technical support of a high standard,but
    also your customer support behind the management of your service.
    Having placed the order – I received the “Funcube Dongle Pro+ ” today ( Saturday )
    That was in less that 24 Hrs from completion and confirmation of my order.
    Wonderful – I thank you and your team and wish you l;ots of “Good Luck”
    Best regards
    Ken Eaton

  6. Ian Webb says:

    Hi Howard,

    I ordered the Funcube Pro+ around a month ago ish and wonder when it is going to be available so I can arrange payment !!


  7. Gerald says:

    Hello Howard
    Is it possible to get a FCD (one of the 50%) going down to 400 MHz to receive weather balloons between 403-408 MHz? I sent you an e-mail but no answer (maybe I had a wrong address)
    kind regards
    Gerald, OE2IGL

    • admin says:

      Hello Gerald

      Although I do test for this on every device as part of the burnt-in testing procedure in the firmware, I don’t currently segregate out those units that pass or fail this test. I should also note that the even if they do pass, this cannot be guaranteed under all circumstances I’m afraid, particularly over temperature. Also note that we have and a new batch of chips in and these have not been characterised yet for operation outside the guaranteed range.

      Many thanks, Howard

  8. Steve says:

    Would this unit be suitable for monitoring RF useage in our area. I work for a Live theatre company and we often have problems with interference from outside sources etc or may intermod form our selected range of rf. Shure make the axiom system now to do all that RF monitoring etc but it’s prohibitly expensive considering we just upgraded $30,000 on new gear months before it got released.

    There are people in Australia using winradio for doing this job but if yours could do it even better for the prive.

    Look forward to your response.


    • admin says:

      Hello Steve

      The FCD and FCD+ can do monitoring, it largely depends on the nature of the signals you’re trying to monitor and over what frequency range you want to monitor.

      If you know the channels you’re interested in and they are narrow band (less than about 180kHz or so of channel bandwidth), then you can certainly check for channel occupancy with the FCD+. It’s been nearly 30 years since I did any live theatre stuff so I am sure things have changed, back then it was simple VHF FM, I am sure it’s probably gone digital now, and most likely up in frequency. I’m fairly sure that the FCD+ would cover the frequencies used if I understand correctly, but I am not sure of the current modulation standards used.

      Many thanks, Howard

  9. Jari says:

    Hello Howard!

    I did sign twice on waiting list on purpose! I want to buy two funcube pro+ dongles.
    Can you take care of this problem?

    i am worried because your statement:
    “When I look at the database I do a de-dupe because understandably a lot of people key their details in twice.”



    • admin says:

      Hello Jari

      Yes, this is because (a) many people have entered their details multiple times because the software isn’t good at giving feedback and (b) while we still have a backlog, we’re trying to restrict people mass purchasing and re-selling on ebay at inflated prices.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Jari says:

        Thanks for your response Howard!

        I am trying to buy second unit for fellow HAM who thinks that he hasn’t enough language skills for order this device.

        I have no intention to make profit myself.

        Is there one or two units in waiting list for us??


  10. Dave Healey says:


    Can either of them, with appropriate software, act as an LBand Satellite Analyser – taking a feed from an LNB ?

    I have the Pro – love it to bits, but very curious in the above question.

    Would you have any knowledge of appropriate software to run with it ?


    • admin says:

      Hello Dave

      There is no functionality to control an LNB directly from the FCD or FCD+ although it does have a bias T, but that’s limited to 5v at about 50mA or so.

      Keep in minde that the FCD/FCD+ are designed to receive narrow band signals, so it might not be appropriate depnding on what you’re trying to analyse.

      There have been one or two programs about that have allowed a basic scanning facility for the original FCD but I’ve never used them myself. Certainly I think it’s an area that is ripe for exploration, but the implementaion of such functionality makes my head hurt from a user-interface perspective! I think that getting the UI right is key to the success of such functionality.

      Many thanks, Howard

  11. jon says:

    Hi Howard
    I registered my interest some time ago. I don’t know whether you have me on your list or not(?) I’m not sure if I should have expected an automated email to confirm receipt of my expression of interest, but I don’t seem to have received one.
    Also I wonder what the latest is regarding supplies?
    With thanks in anticipation of your reply

  12. John Turgoose says:

    Hi Howard
    Thanks for email saying I can order with the link – however when I use it
    it goes to a webpage that says ‘out of stock’ and I can sign up to be on the list.
    I replied to your email; but writing here just in case email is blocked

    • admin says:

      Hi John

      I’ve sent you an email separately, but did you use the link embedded in the email (it’s in BOLD)?

      Many thanks, Howard

  13. Sergio Parnisari says:

    Hi Howard,
    some time ago I posted two times my interest for FCDPRO+ because I want two pieces, one for me I1PNI Sergio and one like a Cristmas gift for my son Marco IZ1PTA .
    Can you give me an idea of the time I have to wait to receive FCDs?
    Thanks Sergio.

    • admin says:

      Hello Sergio

      Yes I have your waitlist entry, I would anticipate that we will have stock for you within the next two weeks so you should receive it before Christmas all being well.

      Many thanks, Howard

  14. Noel says:


    Is royal mail not available as a shipping method for Ireland? AFAICS on their site Airsure Signed For shipping should be ~£6-7 for up to 500g.

    FedEx are taking the piss if they charge £1.52 less to fly a packet over my head and across the Atlantic.


    • admin says:

      Hello Noel.

      There is a very simple reason that I do not offer Post Office services for international deliveries, and that is my own sanity! We used to offer exactly that service, however when the units went astray, once they are outside the UK there is no proper full direct tracking, and it is not possible to place a claim until over six weeks after failure to deliver, and then we have to wait a further three months for a response. The prescribed times advertised by the Post Office were frequently missed (it is not a time-definite service), and I was spending half my waking hours aimlessly chasing hundreds of dongles around the planet on behalf of customers. In that case, as this was not sustainable, I am afraid that we had no alternative to either employ someone to look after that side of things (in which case we’d have had to soak that up in an additional shipping charge which would have been a lot more than £1.52!) or provide an alternative solution.

      By the way, I understand that FedEx don’t actually send it to the US and then back out again. My understanding they either go directly to Dublin or Knock, although I stand to be corrected on the exact FedEx locations.

      Many thanks, Howard

  15. Mike Bill N7MB says:

    Hi Howard: I am ready to purchase your FunDongle+. How do I remove the VAT tax from the total and use US dollars for the purchase. Thank You. Mike N7MB USA

  16. Mike Bill N7MB says:

    I reread the ordering instructions and realize the VAT is added to the price, so please disregard my last question. Thanks! Mike N7MB

  17. Keith Taylor says:

    Hi Howard, know you are a very busy man and don’t want to pull you
    off your packaging and dispatch schedule but just wondered if you can
    confirm I have made the waiting list and if there is any chance I may get
    an FCD PRO+ before Christmas – I know I have not been on the list very long
    and the chances are small but live in hope, hi.

    • admin says:

      Hello Keith

      Yes I do have your registration from 2 December. We are doing our best to go through the waiting list right now, but I can’t yet give you a guarantee that we will have stock for you before Christmas although we’ll be trying our best. If my assembler manages to keep up at their promised level we may well be OK.

      Many thanks, Howard

  18. dennis watmough says:

    Hi could you please confirm order for dennis watmough placed a few days ago
    m,any thanks dennis.

  19. Louis Mamakos says:

    I’m on the list as of 17 October 2012. I and many others no doubt are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to order our new toys.

    Rather than look me (and dozens of others) to see where we stand, perhaps you could update us all periodically with a “Now taking orders for those on the list on ” message here? Just a thought..

    At least the wait here is measured only in weeks. My other hobby is amateur astronomy and astrophotography. I was on a waiting list to order an Astro-Physics telescope for 7 or 8 years before my name came up.

  20. Colin Davis G3VMU says:

    Have order confirmation dated 21 October.
    Where am I in the dispatch chain please.

    • admin says:

      Hello Colin

      You should have received an email from me last night. Please let me know if not.

      Many thanks, Howard

  21. Koch says:

    Hi Howard

    Some time ago I registered for a FCD PRO+. Now I am not sure whether I have done right. Can you give me an answer? Thank you for your excellent work.

    Best regards
    Franz – HB9CCQ

    • admin says:

      Hello Franz

      You should have received an email from me today. Let me know if not.

      Many thanks, Howard

  22. Raoul Maujean says:

    Hello Howard,
    Just checking that I am on the waiting list for an order of FSD+

    Best regards
    Raoul Maujean

    • admin says:

      Hello Raul

      Yes, you should have received an email from me today? Let me know if not.

      Many thanks, Howard

  23. Koch says:

    Hi Howard

    Thanks for the quick reply. I’m happy to be on the list and can wait.

    Best regards
    Franz – HB9CCQ

  24. diego ponce de leon says:

    hi howoard,

    I received that:

    Please follow this link to complete your purchase. Please also note that I am aware that Internet Explorer 8 doesn’t always work very well with the eCommerce software, so if you encounter difficulties with it please try either a newer version of Internet Explorer. or an alternative browser.

    For information about shipping times and rates, please follow this link.

    We’ll keep your FUNcube Dongle Pro+ reservation for the next seven days before releasing it to other customers.

    Please note that this is an automated email and that the reply address is not monitored.

    Many thanks for your interest, Howard

    8 December 2012 (ref 1523)

    the browser not work with internet explorer 8 and motzilla also, please contact me directly.

  25. Marcin says:

    Hallo Howard.

    I send you this question to a few your e-mail and do not receive response.

    Can you send me invoice for my order FCDp+?


    Marcin Stolarski

  26. Arnoud says:

    Hi Howerd, I noticed the ordering is blocked because you’re out of stock.

    Could you send me a mail as soon as you have stock again?


  27. Frank says:

    Hello Howard,

    I just received my order link. Thank you for that. Just a question before ordering.
    My company is a registered company in EU and all our purchases from the UK are with no VAT. Is it possible to enter my company’s VAT number and exclude VAT?

    Thanks again.

    • admin says:

      Hello Frank

      If you set yourself up as a customer on the eCommerce system first with your VAT number, I can set the system up to zero-rate your order.

      Let me know when you’ve done that so I can push the right buttons at this end.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Frank says:

        I am now a customer on your eCommerce system (I have used the same email address), so you can go on with the setup. Just tell me when I can order.

        Thank you for your time!


  28. Neil L Chavigny says:

    Would like to order a FCD+

  29. Hello, im from Argentina and i have problems to calcule the full cost of the pro dongle plus de shiping to my country, can you help me? i live in Cordoba, Argentina. Thanks and… sory for the bad english!

    • admin says:

      Hello Juan

      All the shipping charges are at the top of the page. For Argentina it is £26.90. Add on the £124.99, and you have a total of £151.89, approx. 1200 ARS.

      Many thanks, Howard

  30. Frank says:

    Hello Howard,

    Sorry to bother you again but I am so excited for getting the FCDP+ in the next days.
    As you suggested I am now a customer of your eCommerce system.
    Can you please confirm that you pushed the right buttons so I can go on with my order now??



  31. ON2CQ says:

    Hello all

    Anybody have news ? I’m (ref 1469) still now nothing ?
    I hope that Santa Claus deposited me on December 25, but not anything snifff…

    Best regards

    • admin says:

      Hello Thierry

      You should have received an email some time ago to invite you to purchase. I am away from my system at the moment that generates the emails to double check.

      Either way, please feel free to go ahead and order, we have a small number in stock right now.

      Many thanks, Howard

  32. steef says:

    Hello Howard,
    Just checking that I am on your list for an early order of the FCD+
    And do you have any indication on how long the waiting time is?

    Thank you for your time and effort.



    • admin says:

      Hello Steef

      I believe that you unit was sent on 22 January. Can you confirm receipt please?

      Thank you, Howard

  33. Paolo says:

    Dear sirs,
    abaut four months ago I joined waiting list, waiting for the right time to place my order
    for an FCD-plus+ receiver.
    Till today I am always waiting for Your reply about.
    Can You please inform me about last new about ?
    Truly Your truly,
    Paolo Cavallo (i8kch)

    • admin says:

      Hello Paulo

      I cannot find you on my waiting list, was it directly with me or with a retailer?

      Many thanks, Howard

  34. Gary Border says:

    I want to order the PRO+. To be sent to Las Vegas NV, USA


    Gary Border

  35. Chris Collin says:

    You may want to consider other options than Fedex. Here’s why:

    London – Vancouver: 17 hours
    Vancouver – Whitehorse: 35 hours (9 hours clearing Customs)
    Whitehorse – Dawson City: ???? Up to 12 days, according to their delivery calcualtor.

    A check of delivery times for the last leg (500km) shows even “overnight” delivery takes 10 days. It would have been faster, and much cheaper, to just mail it!

    This has happened before. London – Vancouver in 1 day, and to me 30 days later. Fedex is not that fast outside of major centres.

    Waiting in eager anticipation…

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris.

      In general FedEx International Priority to North America is pretty darned good.

      I was in Campbell River, BC, Canada a few weeks ago, and had a skiing jacket Fedex’d to me from the UK on the Wednesday and it arrived on the Thursday. I did not expect to receive it so fast.

      I have sent you an email with the tracking details. They already tried to deliver it on Saturday at noon, but it looks like there was no-one there to receive it.

      Many thanks, Howard

  36. Chris Collin says:

    Just to let you know: FedEx has no way of reporting when it just puts a package in the regular mail. They could not deliver it on Saturday, as they have no service here. I also gave no street address as streets where I am don’t have names, and therefor, no street addresses. At any rate, I picked it up today (22 Jan) at the post office, FedEx having just mailed it.

    Just a suggestion – regular mail is a lot cheaper, and where I am, just as fast – everything comes up on the same truck, no matter what company is sending it. And, small packages often don’t get the extra customs charges (about $20 in my case). So, offering that option to customers in exotic places might be a good service to have. Anyway, back to playing with my new toy!

    • admin says:

      Hi Chris.

      I am sorry about your FedEx experience.

      You may be aware (it’s been discussed a few times here and in the talks I do), but when I used to use the postal service for international deliveries a couple of years ago, I was spending half my waking hours aimlessly chasing dongles around the planet.

      The postal service is not time-definite, nor does it provide end-to-end tracking. To make a claim I had to wait six weeks from the expected delivery date to fill out a form, then wait for a further three months for a response, at which time I had to fill out yet another form. It’s a wonderful procedure designed to discourage anyone from claiming at all. Indeed, I used to just send another unit via FedEx at my expense when a unit didn’t appear after a couple of weeks. I am sure that as a result, there are folks who have received more than one FCD at my expense as a result.

      Not only was this very time consuming and frustrating for both the customer and me, it was just not sustainable without employing someone just to deal with the logistics. This would cost far more than the additional $4 that I charge for the FedEx service. Judging from the regaining of my sanity since switching to FedEx, there is absolutely no doubt that the FedEx service is better overall! Indeed, I’m pretty sure that you would still be waiting now if it had gone via the standard postal service. It was not unusual for FCDs to be stuck in customs for weeks on end when using the postal service.

      Anyway I hope this explains the reason I use FedEx. In the end it is actually less expensive than the post!

      Enjoy your FCD+!

      Many thanks, Howard

  37. Nicolay Nowak says:

    Dear Howard,

    we are interested in your FUNcube Dongle Pro+ product and would like to discuss the possibility of ordering a larger number of this product. Could you please contact me via e-mail?

    Thanks and warm regards from Germany,
    Nicolay Nowak

  38. Marco Vader says:


    Seems great fun to play with the FCD+, so please add me to the waiting list for ordering.


  39. Mad says:

    I filled forms of the order for FCD+ but didn’t understand I am included in a waiting list or not.

  40. Tony Phillips says:

    this looks quite interesting, how do i order one of these devices?

  41. Greg Simo says:

    Please email when I can order

    • admin says:

      Hello Greg.

      Feel free to try placing an order – if it says it’s in stock then I have units ready for immediate shipping. If not, you’ll be asked to add yourself to the waiting list and you’ll receive an email when we have availability.

      Many thanks, Howard

  42. deutsch julian says:

    i want to know about sofware can use with dongle pro

    • admin says:

      Hello Julian

      Pretty much anything that will work with a soundcard SDR will work with the FCD and FCD+. I seriously recommend starting off with SDRSharp as it has a nice clean user interface. Once you’ve had success with SDRSharp, then feel free to use other software like SDRRadio and HDSDR, but there are many, many other compatible software programs that will work.

      Many thanks, Howard

  43. MadMarco says:

    The pro+ dongle is available for ordering?

  44. Andrey Egorov says:

    Hi, recently I’ve got shipment confirmation email, but unfortunately it doesn’t contain tracking information about the parcel. How could I get it? Thanks in advance!

    • admin says:

      Hello Andrey

      You should have an email from me that I sent on Monday with the tracking details. I’ve just sent it to you again.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Andrey Egorov says:

        Hi, Howard,

        I’ve got the item yesterday, really fast, I must say! It works fine, thank you so much.

  45. Alex says:

    When is a new batch of FCD+ expected?

    • admin says:

      Hi Alex

      They were due this evening but I believe it’ll be tomorrow now.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Alex says:

        We really need 3 FCP+ by tomorrow (Fri, 19) evening to start work on the w/e. Is it possible to organize express delivery in London? Or can we pick it up in your shop (15 Chelsea Embankment)?

        • admin says:

          Hello Alex.

          email me at g6lvb at amsat dot org and I will see what I can do for you. I am out this afternoon but will be around all day tomorrow (Friday) an I am expecting some units in tomorrow morning from the manufacturer.

          Many thanks, Howard

  46. Hi

    I read from one of your replies that that you tested some units and ” Almost all of them (99%) go down to 410MHz, and about half to 400MHz , but that definitely seems to be temperature/warm-up dependent”. I want to order two FUNcube Dongle Pro+ that can go down to 400MHz. Is it possible that you can test the units for me and sell me those that can go down to 400MHz, even if it is due to temperature/warm-up dependent? Let me know before I place an order. And is there a way in which I can twik them to extend the frequency range down to 400MHz?


    • admin says:

      Hello Kgabo.

      I can’t guarantee that a given unit will go down to 400MHz with the current batch of tuner chips we’re using. The work to test a selection of units down to 400MHz was both time consuming and labour intensive as we characterised each unit across a wide temperature range. In the end it simply wasn’t financially viable to offer these “special” units. In the end only about 15% of units with the old batch of tuner chips were good enough across the temperature range (0 to 70 Celsius). We do still guarantee all units down to 420MHz.

      Many thanks, Howard

  47. LRobertson says:

    I want to use the funcube while travelling. I have a work laptop, and do not have admin rights on it. Can anyone tell me what software options are available in this case? Thanks.

    • admin says:


      I am not sure just how locked down your laptop is, but as SDRSharp has no MSI install procedure, I would imagine that would work. Certainly I don’t need to run-as-administrator to run it.

      Many thanks, Howard

  48. Ed says:

    Incredible service! I ordered my Funcube Dongle Pro just a few days ago and it has already arrived! I have never had an international shipment arrive so quickly. I am anxious to get this device working. This is my first experience with SDR and I am particularly interested in receiving satellite telemetry. Any recommendations on software or techniques are appreciated. Thanks for such excellent service

    • admin says:

      Hello Ed

      My pleasure. I recommend getting your toes wet with SDR Sharp to begin with. There are instructions here… http://www.funcubedongle.com/MyImages/FCD2ManualV4.pdf

      Once you’ve been successful with this on terrestrial signals, give it a go on some of the amateur satellites. Having the waterfall display makes life very easy as you can see even weak signals, as they Doppler shift.

      Many thanks, Howard

  49. J Huxley says:

    Hi Howard
    I am thinking of buying a Funcube pro+ but am not sure if it has the sensitivity and dynamic range that I would like. I am interested in picking up PSK31 on the 20m band.

    So far I have been trying with the RTL dongle with the Ham it Up up-converter but with no joy. I am using a 20m wire outside aerial.

    The price of the Funcube is coming into the range of SDR radios like the Afedri etc so I would really like more specifications if they are available.

    Even better, though, is there any chance of creating a online site for people to play with the Funcube. SDR-Radio has a facility to connect to a wide range of online receivers and this has been invaluable to me learning about SDR. I think it would help people to understand the capabilities better as well.

    Best Wishes Jonathan

    • admin says:

      Hi Jonathan.

      There is quite a good (independent) article here from Nils DK8OK: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50169507/Funcube.pdf. This covers using the FCD+ with many HF digital modes.

      You’re also welcome to ask questions over at the Yahoo FCD+ group here: http://uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/Fcdproplus/ Again, the Yahoo group is independent so you will get a “real” answer there.

      When developing the FCD+ I used an external vertical antenna and coverage of HF for me was fine using the default settings, however I can quite believe that with a serious antenna in a good location in good conditions, you might want to consider decreasing the front end gain.

      Many thanks, Howard

  50. Robert says:

    Very high price, for a simple dongle with a gap between 240MHz and 420MHz and only reception. I prefer to wait a HackRF, so I have 30MHz / 6GHz without gap and I can also transmit. Maybe the price will be the same or something more.
    Or with very low price is better to buy a tuner with Elan E4000, maybe the limit are equal, but the price is very different.

    • admin says:

      Hello Robert

      I think you are probably comparing apples to oranges here.

      You only need to look inside the FCD+ to see that this isn’t an ordinary dongle. There are 250 parts in there, mostly around the front end filtering. One of the biggest problems of the E4000 is that the front end filtering is very low Q. You may not be aware but the E4000 chip has been unavailable for over a year now.

      In addition the FCD+ has a TCXO, and covers LF, MF and HF. It also presents a full 16 bits of ADC resolution to the host. This means that CPU-hungry oversampling is not required.

      The FCD+ was also designed to work directly with existing software across a number of operating systems.

      While I understand that some may be interested in receiving things between 240 and 420MHz, this wasn’t a requirement for us when designing the FCD+, and neither was a transmit feature.

      In short, the FCD+ gained a great deal from the heritage of the FCD, in particular we concentrated on front-end filtering and frequency accuracy and stability on the FCD+, that for real-world narrowband reception are exceptionally important. Adding HF was the icing on the cake for us.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Akin says:


        I want to analyze GSM with FunCube Dongle. Which one should i choose Pro or Classic Edition.

        • admin says:

          Hello Akin

          Only the Pro+ is currently available. Keep in mind that GSM channels are 200kHz and the FCD sampling rate is 192ksps. You should be able to demodulate the GMSK but the BER will not be optimum.

          Many thanks, Howard