Back from Dayton! (And a Raspberry Pi update)


I’ve just returned from this year’s Dayton Hamvention, and met up with some folks from Virginia Tech who are successfully using the FCD+ with the Raspberry Pi. Briefly, they are using their RPi’s to allow remote reception from LF to 2GHz. They’re using a recent Raspian Wheezy image together with some code to stream the full 192kHz span over UDP (I guess similar to the code that I wrote recently for OpenWRT & the FCD+ together with GnuRadio), plus a version of Alex Csete’s FCDCTL to remotely set the frequency.

Once I have more details I’ll post a how-to here. I’ve long been convinced that the RPi and the FCD/FCD+ are perfectly do-able, but I had difficulties with earlier Raspian Wheezy releases and its USB stack as well as the use of Qt to control the FCD/FCD+ on the RPi, so I’d been waiting for a more stable software platform which it looks like we now have.

The FCD+ stock is still good so follow this link about ordering details, or to order right now here’s a direct link straight to the shopping cart.

Many thanks, Howard

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