Free shipping offer


I’ll be away for a few days next week (19 August to 23 August), so as there will be a short delay in dispatch, I’m currently offering free shipping until I return if you place an order before I return.

Make sure you check the “Free Shipping” check box when you checkout!

I will use the same shipping methods, ie FedEx International Priority for non-UK, and Royal Mail Special Delivery, just it’ll be free over that period.

Many thanks, Howard

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2 Responses to Free shipping offer

  1. michi says:

    Howard – I left you a message on the Technical FAQ page about USB enumeration of the HID vs Sound Device in the FCDPro+… Is there any way I can contact you more directly to ask such questions about this?

    I’m working on developing an Android application to work with the FCDPro+ as well as a Linux frequency control unit. I’m trying to figure out if I should be seeing a separate VID+PID or at least separate PID for each device, or if the HID exists on one endpoint and the Sound Device on another.

    Sorry to post two on this; I’m just not sure else how to contact you.


    • admin says:

      Hello Michi

      I apologise for the delay in responding to you, I’ve had a few things to deal with here since being away on vacation.

      There is only one VID/PID: it is a USB composite device, 0x04D8/0xFB31. There are two USB “interfaces”, one for a standard USB HID and one for standard USB Audio. From your software, certainly in Linux, you should be able to chat to the device at the HID level and as an audio device.

      What certainly has been the case with Android, unlike IOS, is that it has not supported the USB Audio specification. IOS does, but (a) there is a miniscule USB host current capability, about 20mA, and (b) only sampling rates 48kHz and below seem to be supported.

      You can reach me at g6lvb at amsat dot org.

      Many thanks, Howard