Second batch sent


All units from the second batch have been sent today.

Here’s the distribution leader board:


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18 Responses to Second batch sent

  1. Stephen B. Trout says:

    When will there be any more dongles to order. I missed the order period by one day. Will there be any more within the next month?


    • admin says:

      Hello Stephen

      Thanks for your note.

      Tentatively, somwhere around the weekend of 15/16 January _if_ the 100 units I have on order from my new manufacturer are good.


  2. A little more resolution in the picture and I can see mine… HI, HI !
    Hopefully arrives this week… Help, I’m not sure what sofware is better to play with it…

    Tnks Howard

    Nacho, EB1GER

    • admin says:

      Now you know the UK Information Commissioner might have some thing to say about that!

      I tend to use Spectravue, but that’s only because I’ve used it for a very long time.


  3. Christian EA4EUN says:

    Hello Howard. Happy new year.

    Could you tell me if the FunCube Dongle Pro can work with a 10″ ASUS Netbook with Intel Atom?

    I´m wishing to receive my FCD as soon as possible for receiving Cubesats telemetries via hanheld SDR station.

    A local university is working with the project GENSO and is calling to amateur radio operators. I think the FCD could help to open a new window of exploration. Please watch:

    73, Christian EA4EUN

    • admin says:

      Hello Christian.

      Every unit produced is performance tested using an Acer Aspire 1 532h 10″ Netbook N450 Atom 1.66GHz, as it’s much handier than lugging around the development laptop to the comms test set.

      I believe that someone in GENSO has already written a hamlib interface by the way.


  4. Nicolas ON8NP says:

    Hi Howard
    Happy New Year.

    Thanks for all what you are doing. Can’t wait to get mine.
    I am very happy and excited that it’s on his way.


  5. John VK4JWT says:

    Thanks Howard!
    Looks like I was the only one in Australia to get up at 6:00am and try my luck!
    (Or I was the fastest typist) A nice birthday present.
    73es and happy new year , looking forward to playing with it.
    John de VK4JWT

  6. Rob says:

    Should the first batch(19th dec) be 2010 on the leader board?

  7. tony G3OVH says:

    This was a fantastic piece of work, Howard, over the holiday to get this batch out. PayPal is showing as sold out. What is the procedure to reserve a future unit, or is it ‘first come, first served’ when the next release takes place? Presumably 20% VAT has to be charged now for UK orders?

  8. tony G3OVH says:

    Hi Howard
    No need to answer – I just looked at the ordering FAQs. I guess we just need to set analarm to try and get an order posted when you wave the flag!

  9. Nicolas ON8NP says:

    Hi Howard,

    Thank very much. I got my FCD #195.


  10. Christian EA4EUN says:

    Hello. My FCD nº 191 is in my hands from today. Now I´m downloading WRPlus 1.03 and Spectravue.

    My Setup: Netbook Asus 1000H + FunCube Dongle + Arrow II Satellite antenna.

    73, Christian EA4EUN

  11. Achim DH2VA says:

    #141 arrived today here in HB9 (after pulling it from customs).. works nicely! Thanks Howard for all your work!

  12. Alf DG8YHH says:

    #155 arrived too ….
    sorry , I ´ve no time , I must test 🙂

    thanks Howard

  13. Karl DL6EBS says:

    Thanks Howard!

    #158 arrive at his new home.


  14. Alan WA4SCA says:

    And #188 made it through the snows of Tennessee. Working fine, though I am still learning which software, and how to optimize it, for various uses.