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We’re in stock!

Folks I’m pleased to announce that we have stock again! We had an increased demand from around mid-June which we’ve been playing catch-up with ever since. Follow this link about ordering details, or if you’re in a real hurry here’s a … Continue reading

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Email order invitations

Folks I sent out emails to everyone on my waitlist just now, if you didn’t receive one, can I recommend that you add yourself onto the waitlist again, and I’ll send out a further email confirmation in the next 24 … Continue reading

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FUNcube Dongle+ availability update

Folks There’s been a very short delay, I’m now expecting to take assembled boards on either Monday (15 July) evening or Tuesday morning. I’ll be in a position to start despatching on either Tuesday (16 July)  or Wednesday. I’ll be … Continue reading

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FUNcube Dongle+ availability

Folks, For some reason there’s been a lot more demand over the past few weeks than anticipated, so much so that we’ve exhausted our stocks. Although we already scheduled well ahead to manufacture another batch, they are not due until 12 July. If … Continue reading

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