On vacation – back on 25 July!


We’re taking a break for a short while, and we’ll have some more units on 25 July.


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5 Responses to On vacation – back on 25 July!

  1. Michael PA5M says:

    Phewww…thought I was going nuts by keep on seeing “sold” until 2129z….lol.
    Anyway managed to get one this time and I am pleased.

    Tnx Howard!

    73e Michael

  2. Sparks McGee says:

    This kind of attempted profiteering on this project is really bad form – if anyone agrees, perhaps he will find high “bids” on his auction that will never be followed through. This unit was bought in the recent July sale, specifically to resale and make a buck at the projects expense.


    He includes some rather offensive fear-mongering sales copy too –
    from the ad:
    “NOTE: The FUNcube designer is currently on extended Holiday. With the current world economic situation, and the imminent collapse of the US and EU economies, this COULD be your last chance to grab one of these Dongles. One of these SDR receivers may be your only source of information when other forms of communication collapse.”

    • admin says:

      I don’t really have any control over re-selling.

      I did think it was a little overkill to call my ten day hiatus an “extended” holiday! I am assuming that the remainder of the paragraph was tongue in cheek… let’s hope so!


  3. DL9LH says:

    All sold already or did the sale not even start ? 73 de DL9LH

    • admin says:


      There were no units added to the inventory until 26 July. Right now there are 25 units still available in the inventory (0415UTC 27 July).

      Many thanks, Howard