We’re in stock!


I’m pleased to announce that we have stock again! We had an increased demand from around mid-June which we’ve been playing catch-up with ever since.

Follow this link about ordering details, or if you’re in a real¬†hurry here’s a direct link¬†straight to the shopping cart.

In Western Europe and North America typically delivery is the following working day. Also if you order three or more, shipping is free.

Many thanks, Howard

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3 Responses to We’re in stock!

  1. Serge Szpilfogel says:

    Hello Howard
    Some of us who live outside Europe should not be paying the VAT. When you fill out the form it shows taxes 51pounds. Does this apply to everyone??
    BTW i am still using the Funcube pro would like to upgrade to the pro plus in the future

    Best regards Howard

    • admin says:

      Hello Serge

      You should not be charged VAT. Check that the shipping address (as well as the billing address) is outside the EU. I just did a dummy order to Canada and that is not charging VAT.

      Thank you, Howard

  2. mrx says:

    I placed an order for my Funcube Pro Plus on Sunday, September 1. It first arrived on Wednesday, Sept 4, on the east coast of the U.S. I don’t expect mail to get across the town let alone from the U.K. in that time frame.

    Today I got the chance to play with the new radio using Ubuntu 12.04 and Gqrx software. I’ve listened to some broadcast band FM, WX radio, UHF and VHF. For now, I’m establishing a baseline. So far, I’m impressed.

    The one thing I’ll say is that Gqrx 2.2 likes to boost the RF gain by default. On FM broadcast, things work much better by turning the gain all the way down.

    Howard, Thank you very much for a good product at a good price and service.

    Regards, G.