I have had a question about the performance of these units. Bear in mind that we are still optimising these units, and there is a lot of tweaking both in software and hardware that we can do. As the primary design requirement is to be able to receive and decode telemetry from the FUNcube satellite, sensitivity was the first goal to get right, and it is already as good as an off the shelf receiver as referenced to this in this earlier post:

Final performance figures will be distributed once we have finalised things like gain distribution and LNA choice. Sensitivity at present is fine. I have improved dynamic range pretty dramatically in the last few days as a result of using the gain distribution front end that I wrote last week. We are now concentrating on strong signal performance.


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One Response to Performance

  1. Aisea Aisake says:

    Fantastic, sounds like a very good radio for the masses. I suppose the User will have to make his or her own antenna if you want a better reception. Know sdr based receivers any mode is possible.