Pro+ update


I have had some good news about CE certification and conformance testing. The R&TTE EN 301 783-1 testing has completed successfully, and EMC and safety are being carried out on Wednesday and Thursday this week.

I received the first ten units from the board assembler on Friday afternoon and this has shown up a fault in the device’s own calibration self-testing on some units, although on the comms test set all is good, so the limits need adjusting a tiny bit in the calibration success/fail parameters. A bit weird, because I made up ten units by hand and checked the calibration routine with all ten of those boards, and five of those boards used the exact same parts from the same reels that the assembler’s using.

There’s been just one minor change to the UHF paths and that is to slightly modify the attenuation in a pad that serves both UHF filters: this is a one resistor change, and it’s already in the pick & place machine’s brain. The 70cm path was showing a tad below specification, so I decided to fix it rather than change the specification itself 🙂

I am expecting some more units form the assembler tomorrow (Tuesday 16 October). Assuming these all check out OK, and the CE certification goes according to plan, on Thursday 18 October I will be sending out emails inviting those first who put their names down on the waiting list to “come on down”.

Many thanks, Howard

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10 Responses to Pro+ update

  1. Mark N8MH says:

    Excellent report, Howard. Dreaming about having one to show off at AMSAT Symposium next’s going to be close 🙂

    Nice work!!!

    73 de Mark N8MH

    • admin says:

      Hello Mark

      Oh they’ll definitely be around by then. Already there are half a dozen out there being played with. At the moment it appears that it’s unlikely I’ll have FCC certification by then though as there’s some confusion as to exactly how to conduct the tests bearing in mind it’s an SDR and has a massive frequency range. Looks like I have bravely gone where no-one else has if what I am led to believe is true.

      This won’t affect personal imports of the device or the donation of a super special prize opportunity at the Symposium, but without FCC certification I won’t have any for sale at the event itself I’m afraid.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Mark N8MH says:

        Thanks for the quick feedback, Howard. I know you remain busy! It will make a super special prize for the AMSAT banquet drawing indeed 🙂

        And if you need to test the durability of the new device for shipping to the US, I’ll be oh so happy to oblige 😉

        73 de Mark N8MH

        • Mike says:

          I have a working extio now – but not with all features yet – it tunes and can correct for LO offset, the test unit is only 0.9ppm HF so it is hardly worth correcting!

          I can hear Radio 4 on Long Wave and all the RAL beacons. However, I am suffering some strange behaviour from the Dongle – it gets into a mode where it needs unplugging sometimes. Not quite sure why yet, it could be my notebook.

          • admin says:

            Hmm, very interested to know what happens when it needs an unplug: any CW LED indication at that stage?


          • Mike G0MJW says:

            I had not ralised it sent anything the LED. I put it in the old dongle case and can’t see it but next time I will try and read it. I have an idea it was out of lock as there were drifting signals and no response to tuning commands, but it might have been something else entirely.

            It is quite possible I sent an illegal or badly formed command to it. Buffer overrun maybe?

          • admin says:

            Hello Mike

            It is possible that it might be due to some dodgy USB connectors I used on the first few pre-production units, and that the device isn’t connecting properly.

            The LED should _always_ send out a CW indication once every five seconds or so on the Pro+, unless it’s really really poorly.

            I’m not usre if a buffer overrun would even be allowed through the USB stack but I am willing to be proved wrong!

            Many thanks, Howard

  2. AlanWA4SCA says:

    Great news Howard. Looking forward to having one to play with. My Flex is starting to get jealous. 🙂

    See you in Orlando.


  3. Looking forward to get one very soon! AMSAT OZ has satcamp during the first weekend of october and it will be great to show it off to people 🙂

  4. Mike says:

    Got it again by sending it a frequency above the range allowed LED is flashing

    ._ …. AH ?