Assembly update


I was hoping to have placed the assembly order this week, but we’re still in discussions with the manufacturers about this. With a bit of luck this will be resolved today and I’ll have a better idea of delivery dates.

In the meantime, this week we’ve been continuing work on front end filtering and I’ve built another four units for testing purposes.

I’ll also have some units being demo’d at Microwave Roundtable and Martlesham this weekend if you’re attending.

Many thanks, Howard

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2 Responses to Assembly update

  1. John Hepner KA8ZSB says:

    Any chance you may be in Ohio, USA next spring for our Dayton Hamvention? If you bring a bushel of these you won’t likely take any back.
    Will your next project be the transmitter side of a transceiver?

    • admin says:

      Hello John

      Thanks for your note. Until recently I used to attend Dayton every year. It may well be that we’ll have something arranged for then anyway. There is an issue around FCC certification and the blocking of cellular frequencies for full scale distribution purposes in the US that will need to be addressed before then, but that doesn’t stop you personally purchasing one directly prior to that.

      Regarding a transmitter side, it’s one of two possible future additions, but I’d like to get my feet under the table with this one first!