FCD Test and Burn Fixture


Thought you might like to see my programming fixture, a true high tech design! The PCB has the MCU’s programming and debugging pads exposed on the underside, and there’s spring loaded contacts on the test fixture. For just burning firmware, a light press with the thumb for a couple of seconds is enough. For longer term debugging, the patented clothes peg technique relieves thumb strain and gives you a spare hand.


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2 Responses to FCD Test and Burn Fixture

  1. Mitrofanow says:

    My fcd pro was crached by firmware update.
    Is there a solution to rescue the chip?

    Many thanks

    • admin says:

      Hello Mitrofanow

      Are you using and FCD or FCD+?

      What does the bootloader application tell you? (Use FCHIDBL.exe for the FCD, FCHIDBL2.exe for the FCD+.)

      Many thanks, Howard