FUNcube Dongle shop: Easter operations


We’re taking a slightly extended Easter break this year, so the last time for shipping before Easter will be at 11:00 UTC on Wednesday 27 March (12:00 CET, 06:00 EST, 03:00 PST).

We’ll be open as usual on Tuesday 2 April.

Many thanks, Howard

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8 Responses to FUNcube Dongle shop: Easter operations

  1. John says:

    Greetings Howard!
    Thanks so very much for the quick service – the FCDP+ got out into the wilds of northern Nevada in record time – and was packed very well to boot!

    Alas – after burning many hours, it appears that the Windows (Win7, Home Prem, SP1)
    sound system does not recognize the Dongle… the “Line In” = unavailable and nothing regarding the actual Dongle appears.

    Your provided diagnostic materials (FCD2Win7Check)pinpointed this, but at the end you say:
    “This will mean uninstalling both the Audio and the HID component, physically removing the device for a few seconds, and then re-inserting to allow reinstallation. This quite a fiddly process to achieve, and it will be covered in another article.”

    Can you point me to that article? I plowed into the Yahoo groups but that was another frustrating waste of time.

    I’m a ham and an analog engineer of 40+ years experience, but definitely NOT a computer whiz, so this kind of thing is dicey and time-consuming.

    I hope you will enjoy your hols and relax a bit!



    • admin says:

      Hello John

      Before we start on re-installing the drivers, can you check if the Line device that you see in the Sound control panel applet’s Recording tab disappears when you remove the FCD+ and then re-appears? If so then the sound system is recognising the FCD+. I have seen that sometimes the FUNcube Dongle V2.0 name isn’t registered but never got to the bottom of that, as it seems to miraculously come back sometimes.

      It may be that (for some reason) it’s been disabled. Unusual, but I guess it’s possible it might have happened.

      Make sure that the FCD+ is inserted.

      First, right click anywhere in the list box for Recording devices in the Recording tab of the Sound control panel applet and make sure that Show Disabled Devices is checked.

      If, in the Recording tab of the Sound control panel applet the device shows as disabled, right click it and select Enable.

      If the device isn’t even shown, I guess we need to look at reinstalling the drivers.

      Make sure the FCD+ needs to be inserted, and any software that might use the FCD+ should be shut down. That includes closing down the Sound control panel applet.

      Then, you need to launch the Device Manager (Windows key + R, devmgmt.msc).

      Under USB Serial Bus Controllers, there will be one or more USB Composite Devices.

      Now here’s the fiddly bit.

      To find the FCD+, right-click each USB Composite Device, select Properties, go to the Details tab, select Hardware IDs in the Property drop down, and look for a VID of 04D8 and a PID of FB31.

      Once you’ve found it, you can right-click the USB Composite Device and uninstall. This should also automatically remove both the HID and the Audio component.

      Physically remove the FCD+ for ten or twenty seconds or so, then plug in again and it will automatically re-install the drivers.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • John Lawson says:

        Hi Howard – thanx for your quick reply!

        No joy yet on this .

        We can take it to private email (and I understand you’re not the “IT” department or computer tech support) if you wish, or leave it here in case someone else might need this info.

        I am installing the FC on a Dell Latitude D820 laptop running Win 7 Home Pro SP1. Intel Core 2 @2Ghtz, 2GB RAM

        I have cycled thru the USB driver install procedure twice, re-booting the machine each time. The relevant entries in the device manager pane disappear/reappear.

        The FC is never listed in the Recording Devices app, only the built-in Mic and the Line In.

        In the Device Manager window:

        libusb (Winusb devices)
        FUNcube Dongle V2.0 (interface 0)

        USB Composite Device
        Hardware IDs

        [the ‘o’ might be 0… hard to see]

        I have run both SDR# and HDSDR w/no response. I have downloaded/ installed all the various drivers and DLLs. I have a cheap DBTV VHF dongle that works with both of these programs on this machine.

        I have installed SDR# and HDSDR on my older laptop that I use in my shop, a Compaq/HP machine running Win Vista Home Basic.

        The Fun cube operates on that machine, albeit very poorly – the noise level is never below 30dB and only the closest, most powerful stations are received. I have an active (Degen) antenna system, plus I have used my station antennae here – same result.

        I can perform rather sophisticated tests – (from DC to around 1 Ghtz) – if you can give me some of your “QC” test criteria I can duplicate them here – if there is a chance that this particular dongle is misbehaving.

        Thanks again for all your help with this… I’m looking forward to some SWL fun during my long and frequent business travels.



        • admin says:

          Hello John

          From your description it looks like at some stage a utility like zadig has been run in an attempt to make the FCD+ into a WinUSB device, perhaps you have used RTL devices previously?

          The FCD and FCD+ are designed to run out of the box: there is definitely no need to do any zadig or other business to make it work: indeed, this will definitely break the native driver that the FCD and FCD+ use. In addition you should not need to do any rebooting. It is designed to work right away.

          You should definitely uninstall any zadig or other WinUSB configuration that you have done on the FCD+.

          Coincidentally I have a D820 here, it was my workhorse for about six years until a couple of years back, so I can work with you on this.

          Without doubt, get that WinUSB config completely removed first!

          Many thanks, Howard

  2. RANS Staf ON6RR says:


    Here I’m in the possession from a Funcube Pro+ V2.0 Serial 0012036. I try to use it with Windows 8 and it isn’t working. Every time I try to use it I receive a message that the Funcube isn’t finding or that the driver is bad installed. For this I use SDR Sharp.
    In the configuration from Windows 8 the Funcube is mentionned by USB but not by Audio.
    Please help.

    Staf ON6RR

    • admin says:

      Hello Staf

      Sorry that you are having difficulties.

      Firstly, you should not need to install any drivers as they are part of your operating system. In particular if you have tried to install third party drivers such as WinUSB drivers for the FCD/FCD+, they will not work, the FCD/FCD+ was designed from the ground up to work without them.

      I recommend that you follow the Windows debugging document here: which is written for Windows 7 but is also applicable to Windows 8.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. RANS Staf ON6RR says:

    Dear Howard,

    Here I’m following your advices but Funcube isn’t working. Every time I receive the message that Funcube wheren’t found or that the driver is working bad.

    Check the USB device is discovered by Windows

    For this test I receive the “divice manager” from Windows 8 and “Funcube v.2″ is mentionned by USB Units but not by Sound, video and Game controllers”.

    Staf ON6RR

    • admin says:

      Hello Staf.

      Firstly I am sorry that you are having problems.

      The FCD and FCD+ should be automatically recognised by Windows, and there should be no need to install any drivers at all as they are integrated with the operating system: that is part of the design of the FCD and FCD+.

      It would seem that for some reason the unit has not been properly enumerated. I would suggest uninstalling the FCD+ using the notes I wrote in this post: and then plugging it in again.

      If you have done anything with any WinUSB driver setups such as with zadig that you may have if you have used an RTL based device, that is not required for the FCD/FCD+: indeed use of such tools breaks the automated installation for the FCD/FCD+. Certainly the symptoms you’ve described suggest that this may be the problem.

      One further thing, if you have another PC to try installing the unit on to isolate the problem this may help in diagnosis.

      As I’ve mentioned before, you should simply need to plug the unit in, leave it for a few seconds and the operating system will self-install its drivers without any further user intervention. Windows also provides a progress indicator for this process. Be careful not to remove the device prior to the completion of the driver self-install.

      You may wish to email me a print screen of your device manager with the FCD+ inserted, g6lvb amsat org.

      Many thanks, Howard