FUNcube Dongle Pro+ streaming over Wifi to GNU Radio


Here’s a video showing the FCD+ streaming the full 192ksps wirelessly to GNU Radio which demodulates a broadcast FM signal streaming from the FCD+.

It uses a MiniEmbWifi router running OpenWRT. GNU Radio is running in Ubuntu in a VMware guest under Windows 8 running on a Mac mini – there’s no platform prejudice here at FCD Towers!

It’s a work-in-progress as part of something else I’ve been working on ( that went on the back burner for a while when the FCD+ was being developed and brought to market, but if you enjoy hacking embedded Linux I am sure others with more experience than me of doing that will achieve far better things!

Many thanks, Howard

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5 Responses to FUNcube Dongle Pro+ streaming over Wifi to GNU Radio

  1. Marco says:

    Hi Howard,
    I am having a problem with the FCDP+ serial no. 12969.
    It worked perfect for a couple of weeks since I bought it and a few days ago it started to behave weird. In a random fashion, I get a rise in noise floor by about 10-20 db even with no antenna connected. All the waterfall rises for a split second and then it goes back to normal. It does so unpredictably every 10-20 seconds. I tried using different computers, linux, windows XP, linrad or sdr-sharp. No way. I am using a USB cable with two ferrite beads, but it does the same when directly connected to the computer. It does the same whatever frequency I select and whatever if gain, mixer and LNA I set. I also tried to reflash the last firmware but to no avail.

    Could you please help me?
    marco / IS0KYB

    • admin says:

      Hello Marco

      I am sorry I only just saw your note – I’m afraid I’m receiving dozens of spam messages each day here, and you message was lost within them.

      Did this get resolved or do you still have a problem?

      One very quick suggestion – if it’s on HF, are you running a powerline network? I had enormous problems early on until I realised it was all to do with the powerline network I was using here, since then I have disbanded it and gone to plain old fashioned Ethernet.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. Miguel says:

    Any software project for an ADS-B receiver using FCDPRO+ ?.

    • admin says:

      Hello Miguel

      In its current form, that’s unlikely as ADS-B uses a bandwidth in excess of the FCD+’s capability: when we developed the FCD+, we designed it for narrowband signals.

      Many thanks, Howard

  3. Mike says:


    I have a question regarding UDP and the throttle in gnuradio. I have been struggling with gnuradio for a couple of years, mainly due to the documentation that is regrettably not yet written.

    How do you stop samples that are missing causing buffer problems? E.g if you lose on average one sample in 60 you are a minute behind after an hour. Also slightly puzzled as it looked like the input was a short, not two shorts for IQ. Presumably frequency setting is done by a TCP link and the hacked open wrt kernel understands hid and sound cards.