Article about the FUNcube Dongle Pro+


Nils has very kindly sent me a link to an article he wrote recently about using the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ on the shortwave/HF bands. Here is the note he sent to me:

Dear Howard – recently I got two FCDPRO+ V2. I wanted to know how this SDR is doing on shortwave. The results were stunning. I filed them into a multimedia PDF (text, 40 screenshots, audio, video, hyperlinks) which you can download here:
I show how to receive broadcast, amateur radio and utility, and how to decode digimodes from RTTY over SSTV-DRM to PACTOR-III with solely free software. The PDF is just meant as preview. If you like it, I would be proud to see it some day also on the official FCD page. I am convinced that FCD plus an approach to show what to do with it (and how attractive shortwave still is) will trigger much more interest.
Your critics & comments are welcomed! 73 Nils, DK8OK

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