FUNcube Dongle Pro+ inventory


Over the past couple of weeks the demand for the FCD Pro+ has increased fairly dramatically, and in underestimating that demand I’m afraid we’re out of stock for the next week or two while we get the next batch finished.

Please feel free to register your interest here, and I’ll email you as soon as we have stock. I am still due a few more from the last batch from my board assembler over the next few days, so I’ll release these as they become available to those on the waiting list in order.

We don’t accept payment unless we have real stock on this website. However, retailers may not have the same policy, so I would suggest that you confirm stock level with your reseller to avoid disappointment.

Thank you for your patience!

Many thanks, Howard

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2 Responses to FUNcube Dongle Pro+ inventory

  1. Hallo together,
    I have seen and read your post and I am interesstet on a “HANDBOOK” for a
    FCD Pro+.
    When it is possible to arrange one for me.
    Please give ma a answer, I wish you allthe best and 73 from Germany, I am in the
    near from Wiesbaden. thank you.

  2. admin says:

    Hello Wolfgang.

    There’s a manual for the device on the Downloads and Documentation page for the FCD Pro+ here:

    Many thanks, Howard