FUNcube Dongle availability update


What with the phenomenal FUNcube-1 satellite launch success ten days ago(, Christmas orders and three large commercial orders all coming at once, demand for the FUNcube Dongle Pro+ is currently significantly higher than I anticipated.

Rest assured that if you are already on the waiting list, you will be invited to order well before Christmas. It you’d like to get on that waiting list, please register here.

Our last waitlist number to be invited to order was 3862, and there are currently 366 more people in the waiting list. When you receive an invitation to order, there are physical units in stock to ship immediately.

To give you an idea of the volumes we’re shipping right now, 173 units were shipped this morning. It was a busy weekend! As soon as the units come from the manufacturer, I test them and ship them, usually within a working day.

Thank you for your patience!


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One Response to FUNcube Dongle availability update

  1. Achim DH2VA says:

    For all Funcube-(Dongle) users, let me thank you here for all your efforts both for the Dongle and the Funcube satellite! I already have a Dongle Pro from the first batch and am eagerly anticipating delivery of the Pro+ (being one of the 366, hi). Hopefully we will meet again in the near future.. 🙂