Kempton feedback

It was great to see everyone on Sunday at Kempton. And what a response! Jim and I on the AMSAT stand at the Kempton show on Sunday did not stop for the first three hours, it was the busiest I can ever remember. Wish I’d had some Dongles to sell, I can tell you!

Feedback was universally positive – except from one visitor who saw the unit being demonstrated on Windows and commented that “no-one ever develops these for Linux or the Mac”: but it was all smiles when I explained that the FUNcube Dongle device is specifically designed to be platform agnostic – it’s compatible with Windows, Linux or Mac OSX, and your choice of either 32 bit or 64 bit.

We took a design decision quite some time ago to make the FCD as simple to use as possible, and that included using the device drivers that are already integrated with your operating system. Not only that, but only a masochist would want to develop and test host USB device drivers that work across a dozen different platforms!


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