Poll over on the FUNcube Yahoo Group

There’s a poll over on the FUNcube Yahoo Group set up to identify the level of interest in the FCD so that we can see if we can gauge better the anticipated demand over the next few weeks and months.


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10 Responses to Poll over on the FUNcube Yahoo Group

  1. Tom Cefalo W1EX says:

    I would be very interested in purchasing a FunCube Dongle.

  2. Stefan Wagener says:

    The poll option is linked to Yahoo groups which not only requires subscription but also personal information and even after providing all of that email notification still doesn’t work.
    Help me here Howard, why in the world would you use such an inferior service for information???? and to gauge interest in the dongle.

    To answer your question, yes I would love to purchase one, just don”t have the time and luxury to spend my time on the computer waiting for PayPal to open up and fighting everyone else for a chance.

    73, Stefan VE4NSA

    • admin says:

      Hello Stefan,

      I am sorry that you don’t like Yahoo Groups. I didn’t personally set up the group. I was notifying people of the existence of the poll and if they so choose they are welcome to vote. It doesn’t put anyone in any priority queue, it is merely for indicative purposes.


  3. sheila &steve says:

    when are you having some dongles & price?thanks mrs cooper

    • admin says:

      Hello Mrs Cooper

      We anticipate having more in around two weeks time. Price is, as always, GBP99 plus postage and appropriate taxes.

      Thank you very much for your interest.


  4. Paul Knox says:

    Hi Howard

    Must say highly impressed with your work on this unit and watched in awe your videos in the kitchen ahem I mean lab! very nice work indeed, I think this is an amazing device for the money, I have wondered why the current crop of SDR units are so very expensive?

    I am already a member on yahoo so posted my interest over there, its really not a problem to register and you may as well register your interest on there as its a forum you would surely use if you were lucky enough to get a dongle?

    Keep up the super work, it looks from the sales that you should be able to invest some of you very hard earned cash in to making larger batches to keep up with the high level of demand.

    Very well done sir!!

    Paul Knox

  5. Davie B says:

    I would like to purchase one of these SDRs from you in the future. Please send me an email when you have more of them in stock.

  6. Mark Robinson says:

    It’s pretty obvious that you could sell a run of 10,000 more or less immediately.

    Do it very quickly before someone else does.

  7. Patricia says:

    Am I too late to join the funcube group on Yahoo? If not how can I access it?