Delivery information for 4 Feb 2011 batch


While producing the posting labels on Saturday we discovered that Paypal has now removed their Airsure option, so we have used their International Signed For for all non UK deliveries. The alternative was to manually cut and paste each line of each address petween Paypal and RM’s systems, and that was clearly unsustainable.

The target (although not guaranteed) times for International Signed For are three working days to Western Europe, five working days to Eastern Europe and seven working days for the rest of the world.

Deliveries to UK destinations are still next day Special Delivery 1pm.

If your item has not been delivered by the above target times, I will gladly provide tracking numbers.

All items were delivered to the Post Office on Monday morning.

Many thanks, Howard

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20 Responses to Delivery information for 4 Feb 2011 batch

  1. FRANCOIS says:

    Hello Howard,

    At this date, the 13rd February, I have no received enough the Funcube. I stay in France.

    • admin says:


      Can you send me a private email please, to the address available via the Paypal order? I am trying to identify your order.

      Many thanks, Howard

  2. FRANCOIS says:

    Hello Howard,

    I send datas on your email.

  3. Marco IK1ODO says:

    Funcube #393 just received in Turin, Italy.

    73 – IK1ODO

  4. Has anyone in the US received their 4 Feb dongle yet?

  5. Mike Tindor AA8IA says:

    I haven’t received mine yet, from the 4 Feb order. I’m in Ohio. I believe Howard stated that this last batch sent out was sent out in such a way that one could / should expect 9 business day delivery here in the US. So i’m figuring that I’ll receive mine by Thurs/Fri.

  6. Peter says:

    FCD 407 RECEIVED in Winchester, VA. USA 1845 UTC
    I started to go out…
    Saw the Postman a block away
    Turned around and waited 5 minutes
    Signed for the package
    NOW I just have to rearrange my entire schedule so I can start playing
    THANKS HOWARD for all of your work

    Peter Hughes

  7. Mike Tindor AA8IA says:

    As it turns out, a delivery attempt was made here at 5:17 PM today. Technically it would have been here except neighborhood dogs kept the postman from getting out of his vehicle to knock on our door. Darnit. Anyway, it was shipped on a Monday and arrived here the next Monday. Not bad. I’m anxious to go pick it up at the PO tomorrow.

  8. Philippe says:

    FCD #338 received in France

    Thank you Howard !

  9. George KA3HSW says:

    Mine is sitting at the post office, waiting for me to sign for it…

  10. Doug Faunt says:

    Funcube #394 was delivered today to Oakland, CA (in the pouring rain).

  11. Larry Koziel says:

    I was expecting to receive my dongle this week, but I’ve been out of town since Monday morning. I don’t what would have happened with no one home to sign for it. I found no notice of an attempt to deliver.

    Howard, could you send me the tracking information. The best case would be if the post office were holding it for me to pick up. The next best would be if it were still on the way. The worst case would be if they gave up on me and sent it back.

    I’ll have to try to resolve this later this morning (Saturday), since I expect to be out of town again beginning Monday.


    Larry K8MU

    • admin says:


      I believe that a delivery attempt has already been made. I will email you tracking details.


    • Larry Koziel says:

      FCD received!

      I picked it up at the post office this morning on the way to breakfast with the local radio club, and got a chance to show it off to the group.

      Now the problem is to find some time during the ARRL DX contest this weekend to try it out.

      Thanks, Howard.


      Larry K8MU

  12. Mark KD5RXT says:


    My FCD #359 was attempted to be delivered here in Ft Worth, TX on Wednesday 02/16. Since I wasn’t home to sign for the package, the postman left a failed delivery attempt slip for me to sign. I signed it & asked for the package to be redlivered ASAP.

    Then, the post office “lost” my package (they reported that they couldn’t find it for two days). Early on Friday morning, I went in person & waited while they “hunted” for it. They eventually found the package *under* a much larger box & I took it home with me later that morning. I am ecstatic that I have it in hand & have been having lots of fun with it !!

    I was really sweating whether I would actually get my FCD before the planned 02/16 deployment of ARISSAT-1 (now delayed anyway) !! I can look back on these most recent events that my FCD encountered on its way here & just laugh !!

    Thanks again for all of your efforts !!

    Mark J Culross