Short vacation…


We’ll be closed from 28 Dec to 6 Jan for a short vacation, so any orders received during this period will be shipped immediately when we return.

The last non-UK orders fulfilled before we go will be 27 Dec 21:00 UTC.

The last UK orders will be 26 Dec 09:00 UTC.

If you’d like an FCD dispatched while we’re away, feel free to order from Martin Lynch:

Many thanks, Howard

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3 Responses to Short vacation…

  1. Chris GW6KZZ says:

    Thanks Howard, I ordered my FUNcube dongle through Martin Lynch whilst you was away and already got my delivery along with a patch SMA to N connector cable, and renewed my AMSAT-UK membership too. (Broke now, lol) Your dongles are selling like hot cakes, got serial No 4389 so bet you will be making more soon too. Hope your Christmas and New Year holiday break went well and you come back fighting fit.


    • admin says:

      Hello Chris

      Yes, we are up to serial 4,700. I was expecting sales to slow down after Christmas, but that hasn’t happened.

      Many thanks, and happy new year to you too.


      • Chris GW6KZZ says:

        Thanks Howard, the dongle is a great success and the support group is developing both software and hardware alike, I have even a UK commercial antenna company looking at your dongle with a view to creating me and possibly others a special mobile antenna as their is no way I can hold and point a handheld beam antenna for 9 to 15 download receiving window.

        Howard, I can foresee you selling more than 10,000 in a mad rush once the FUNcube satellites are in orbit and the schools and universities come onboard. I bet the educational version of the dongle will then trigger more people wanting to increase the receiving the frequency range to the same as the Pro version especially when they can also have their own weather receiving station too.

        Thanks again for a very innovative SDR dongle that really is much more and has created much excitement in our deminishing hobby that needed a pick me up; I will now be sourcing a new satellite (quadrifilar or dish) antenna, wide band preamp and some kind of transverter to hear all the way from 2 to >124 GHz I think? SDR and DSP is really the best way forward with new methods of encoding and decoding signals being created all the time.

        All the best Howard,