New batch arrived, June 27 2012.


A new batch has just arrived from the PCB assembler for me to test, so the inventory is good.

Many thanks, Howard

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6 Responses to New batch arrived, June 27 2012.

  1. Wolfgang Clemenz says:

    Hallo together,
    I have seen you have a stock of funcube, so I will order one to
    my Home Adress.
    It is
    <--- Address snippied --->
    Please give an answer how I can order my pay to you and it is
    possible to take “pay pal” for you.

    Many thanks and 73 to you

  2. Kevin says:

    Hi, I am Kevin writing on behalf of Nancy of Brown University.
    We ordered a FunCube Dongle back in late April and have yet to receive the product. I believe Nancy sent an email your way as well. Please check up on our order. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hello Kevin

      I have tried contacting you a couple of times via email about your query, but I’ve not received a response: can you please email me at g6lvg at amsat dot org? I am afraid I have been unable to find information on your order on my system from the information you’ve given.

      I dispatch using Fedex International Priority within one working day unless otherwise noted on the website.

      Many thanks, Howard

      • Kevin says:

        Hi Howard,

        I sent an email to g6lvb at amsat dot org (I think you made a typo above, because g6lvg failed) about two days ago. Have yet to hear from you.


        • admin says:

          Hello Kevin

          Your order appears to be to Martin Lynch, not from me: I will forward your note to Martin.

          Many thanks,Howard