Background to the FUNcube Dongle manufacturing facility


This year is not what I expected. I’ve worked for myself for twenty years, and until a few short weeks ago my working life and career has always been providing design and troubleshooting services for financial trading systems.

My last contracted engagement finished just before Christmas, and I was expecting to simply pick up another contract in the new year.

However the response to the FCD has been so phenomenal, I have barely had time to search for that new position. Whereas usually I’d be spending my time polishing up my skills and searching for that next role, instead it’s been spent making and supporting FUNcube Dongles.

The thought of working from home historically has filled me with dread and lack of productivity as you are surrounded by all those distractions. So until now I had never ever worked from home. Turns out, those distractions are there, but my own self imposed target dates for batches rather focuses the mind.

What’s been great is that I had my first walk in personal customer a couple of days ago! You may remember that there was a failure mode in a few of the very first FCDs after the HPF rework where a 1nF cap cracked. My caller had it fixed there and then. So, if you happen to be in Central London and need good old fashioned personal service for your FCD, let me know.


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2 Responses to Background to the FUNcube Dongle manufacturing facility

  1. Roger G7RUH says:

    I was that ‘personal customer’ and the personal service was top notch, thanks Howard.
    Customer Service 11 out of 10!
    73 de Roger G7RUH

  2. JP O'Connor - WF4Z says:


    We very much appreciate your hard work and diligence on this project! As an independent consultant for many years, I can appreciate the career transitions and the distractions.

    I look forward to the arrival of my FUNcube Dongle #200! (Once it clears Customs.)

    Thank you again for your fabulous work!

    JP O’Connor – WF4Z